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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dora to the Rescue, I Hope

As promised, I am now writing about Jackie's (or should I say my ordeal) with her glasses.  Jackie, being the strong-willed little girl that she is, puts up a fight when it comes to wearing her glasses.  Just like she puts up a fight when it comes to wearing her AFO or her wrist splint.
Jackie's vision is very poor in the left eye.  The doctor prescribed a prescription lens for that eye and a plain lens for the right eye.  We are also supposed to patch the good right eye with eye drops.  This is supposed to force Jackie to use her left eye more and to stop crossing her eyes.  Putting the eye drops in is also a battle.  So, I finally decided that I had to pick my battles with Jackie.  And putting those eye drops in was not going to be one of those battles.  Jackie's preschool teacher from last year was pretty good about encouraging Jackie to wear her glasses in school. 
This school year, I wrote a detailed note about Jackie's vision problems and asked the teacher to make sure Jackie wears her eyeglasses in class and during lunch with a break from them during recess.  I was reassured that the teacher would work with me on that issue.  Unfortunately, I don't believe the teacher was helping out by making sure Jackie wore her glasses in school.  So when Jackie had her 3-month follow-up with the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago, Jackie's vision had actually decreased. We had seen some improvement during the last year when Jackie was going to preschool.  Now we have a marked decrease.  I explained to the doctor the battles that I am having with Jackie and how difficult it is to get Jackie to keep the glasses on.  So, the doctor had a good little chat with Jackie, emphasizing how important it is to wear the glasses lest her vision continue to decrease.  The doctor also gave Jackie the choice of patching.  There is the sticky eye patch that adheres directly around the eye, there is the cloth patch that goes over the good lens, and then there are the eye drops.  The doctor also explained that if Jackie does not follow through with wearing the glasses, then she may have to have an operation.  Jackie chose the eye drops and promised to wear her glasses.
After that visit, we got into the SUV and headed back home.  I had to keep reminding Jackie to put her glasses back on.  After we arrived back home, Jackie and Ben started to play in the living room.  Jackie took her glasses off a couple of times but I gently reminded her of what the doctor said.  Jackie would then put her glasses back on.  Later on, I noticed that Jackie's glasses were not on her face.  Again. I asked Jackie where the glasses were.  She said she didn't know.  I kept asking Jackie and she kept saying she didn't know.  I was not going to give up.  After I kept asking Jackie where the glasses were, she finally came back into the living room holding the mangled glasses in her hand saying that they were laying on the floor and somebody stepped on them.  Ha!  That is Jackie's standard answer whenever I have found the glasses mangled.  But this time, the glasses were not only mangled, but the stem had snapped off.  Arghhhhhh! I cannot tell you how many pairs of glasses we have repaired or replaced.  Jackie was NOT going to win this battle.  She is not going to take control of this situation.  No way.  I do NOT want her to lose vision in that eye.
So, I made it very clear to Jackie that I do not appreciate her lying about the glasses and that she is not going to win.  We were going to go back and pick out new glasses.  Since I had not made it to the base pharmacy to get a refill of the eye drops, the next option was the sticky eye patch. So off to Walmart I went in search of the eye patches.  I did find them at Walmart.  After I got home, I put one on Jackie's good eye.  Of course, she balked and immediately went into drama-queen mode.  Well, within a few minutes, Jackie complained that the patch kept coming off.  Well, of course, it is.  Keep pulling at it and the adhesive will break down.  Of course, Jackie's going to win.  But not for long.  I told her we were going to go shopping for glasses the next day.  I'm pretty sure I heard her groan. 
The next day, as promised, I took Jackie shopping for new glasses.  Of course, she complained all the way to the store.  And of course, I let her know that she was not winning this battle.  She will wear her glasses.  Our first stop was Walmart.  I immediately went to the youth section to look at the frames.  I started looking at the supposedly indestructible flex-steel frames.  Jackie noticed there were some frames with Dora, Diego, and SpongeBob on them.  Hmm, a thought occurred to me that possibly this might be the answer to our current problem with glasses.  So, I took the Dora frames off of the display.  Jackie and I looked at them and tried them on her face. They do look cute and they fit Jackie's face pretty good.  Jackie started to beg for those frames and PROMISED to wear her glasses if she could get the Dora ones.  Okay, good.  I made it very clear to Jackie that I was going to hold her to her promise.  If she doesn't wear these, then I'm taking everything Dora away!.  Jackie LOVES Dora and the loss of her beloved Dora stuff would devastate her. 
The store employee measured Jackie and put in the order for the glasses. 
I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the answer. Dora to the rescue. 
Da-Da-Da, D-Dora! Please don't let me down. I'm counting on you to help me win the battle. 
Da-Da-Da-D-Dora!  Dang, I can't get it out of my head now.  Well, I owe some of my sanity to Dora.  Maybe.  Hopefully, I'll be able to give a positive report after the glasses arrive.

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