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Monday, November 8, 2010

Calgon! Can You Really Take Me Away?!

I would jump at the chance.  At least for today.  The day started out not being the best and it's only continued.  I picked up Jackie from school early for her doctor appointment.  Before she left the school, I asked her if she needed to potty.  "No" she replied.  In the 10 minutes that it took for us to get to the doctor's appointment, Jackie managed to wet her pants.  Six years old! And she wet her pants.  Ugh!  We got checked in for the appointment and tried to patiently wait for our name to be called.  For once, Ben was pre-occupied with a toy and was being good.  Jackie, on the other hand, was whiny because I wouldn't let her sit on the furniture with her wet pants. 
Finally, our name is called and we were escorted to the exam room.  While we waited, Ben started to try to climb on the exam table, he kept opening cabinets and doors, pulled towels out of the dispenser, hit his sister, threw a book, yelled.  I did my best to keep the boy in control but I finally collapsed in exasperation.  Then Jackie had to go to the potty.  I wonder why she has to go now after wetting her pants.  But to the potty we go.  Once I opened the door to the restroom, Ben noticed a cord and immediately went over to it and pulled it down before I could stop him.  An alarm sounded just as I yelled for Ben to leave the cord alone.  Then suddenly I heard a lot of loud laughter.  Were they laughing at us?  Hmm, I peeked around the open door and sure enough, some of the staff was standing there laughing.  At us.  Ben seized upon that opportunity of me being distracted to go over and pull that dang cord again.  Again, more laughter while I firmly told Ben that he is not to pull that cord.  Agh!
We got back to the exam room where we continued to wait for the doctor.  The kids resumed their fighting, and it was getting physical.  Finally, Dr. D came in and she was immediately greeted to chaos in the room.  I started to talk to Dr. D about a behavioral issue that has been occurring since soon after Jackie had her leg surgery a year ago.  I have consulted with Dr. D about this a few times this year and Dr. D has finally decided a couple of referrals to a couple of different professionals were in order. While Dr. D and I were discussing Jackie's issues, Dr. D was witness to a sample of Ben's behavior throughout today.  Ben threw a book across the room, he pulled more towels out of the dispenser and just was plain rude and disrespectful.  He would not stay seated in the chair even when I held him down.  Even Dr. D got firm with Ben and Ben just tried to stare her down.  He wouldn't even comply with Dr. D.  Ben usually is an angel for others.  Not this time.  It just proved to me that my children were just determined to be animals no matter who was in charge or what was threatened and carried out.  Dr. D was so kind to me and was able to see firsthand the frustration that I have been dealing with during these last few months with both of my kids. 
After we were done consulting, Dr. D entered the referrals into the computer and suggested that I go upstairs to activate them since I was already in the building.  Uh huh, sure.  When my kids are acting this horrendous, I usually don't even bother going out with them.  But, since the kids were already so bad, it couldn't get worse, right?  So, why not go ahead and just get it over with?  We got upstairs, I signed the sign-in sheet, and rang the bell.  Of course, Ben saw that and had to follow suit.  And not just once.  Then he proceeded to go and climb and jump on the waiting room furniture while Jackie looked at me mischievously while threatening to ring the bell.  Again.   Of course, after my threat, she backed off.  Score for me!
We were finally called back to the referral area.  After I got the kids situated in the other chair, Ben immediately got up and took off down the corridor to another cubicle.  I chased him down and brought him back.  The lady working on our referral was so sweet about it, thankfully.  Then the kids started fighting over the little kids' book that was in there.  I got that fight broken up and when I returned my attention to the referral person, Ben got up from the chair and immediately climbed under the lady's desk where he saw an opening where all the wires were coming out of.  He tried to climb through there.  The lady and I grabbed Ben by his legs to pull him back.  Finally, another lady came and quietly asked me if it was okay to take the kids to pick out a lollipop.  Now, usually with the boorish behavior that my children were displaying today, the answer would be a flat out no.  But I was desperate for a quiet moment to take care of what I needed to.  So, the lady took the kids. They came back with 2 lollipops each.  At least, all was quiet.  For the moment.  Finally, we got all three referrals taken care of and we were able to head home.
The kids fought in the car on the way home.  We got home and I had to start getting dinner ready for Tim who has a class tonight. 
Then I need to go pick up all of the Girl Scout cookies for our troop.  And the kids have to go with me because Daddy isn't available to take them from me for awhile. 
Okay, now as I am typing this, my kids are finally quietly sitting in Ben's rocker, with Ben sitting on Jackie's lap, watching Sprout channel. And this is after Ben spent a few minutes in time out locked in his room.  Ahh! I just adore moments like these.  I need more of them before they're all grown up. 
So, today has been exceptionally difficult with the kids.  Here's hoping for a better rest of the week.  And I'm hoping that the professionals that we are getting referrals for will help us with some particular behavior issues with Jackie.  I will write about that at a later date.  It's just something that I'm not ready to share, yet.  Jackie is a strong-willed little girl who has had to face some challenges in her little life.  And that has caused her to act out in ways that are difficult to understand.

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