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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Butt-Slapped, By a Stranger!

I have been visiting the local YMCA here in Brandon where my mother-in-law lives.  It's a really nice place but I miss my Y back in Illinois.  Yesterday morning, I went to the Zumba class.  It was fun, although there were just 8 of us.  The instructor was really good and very upbeat.  But it just was not the same as Misti and Susan. 
I went back this evening and the class was full.  And it was a different instructor.  That instructor was very energetic.  And very fast.  There were no slow down, catch your breath routines in that class.  It was good but the style was very different.  I have to admit, though,  that I did pretty good at keeping up with her and I got a very good workout.
One thing I noticed is that this class seemed to be a tight-knit group.  I think that's neat.  But, some of the people are just too downright friendly.  Actually, a little too comfortable for my own comfort.  Since I got to the class a few minutes late, I stayed in the back row.  The lady to my left seemed friendly enough.  Until she slapped me on my butt.  Yes, she slapped me!  Hard! Apparently, I did not give her the right response.
As I said before, the instructor was very energetic and very fast.  There was no break.  I'm used to high energy instructors and I enjoy that.  But tonight was very different.  Now, this lady on my left was apparently not very satisfied with the timing of the routines.  The routines were already on double-time. Actually more like double, double time.  It was fast enough.  So, this lady looks at me at one point and says "the music is too slow, don't you think?"  I paused for just a second thinking that this lady was kidding me.  Then I responded that I thought it was fast enough.  Before I could even get the final consonant sound out, the lady slapped me.  Hard! On my butt!  Ouch!!!  If I wasn't awake before, I most certainly was then.  I was stunned for a moment.  A stranger.  Touching my butt.  Now that is uncouth. 
With the lingering sting to my butt, I resumed Zumba-ing while trying to keep my distance from this very uncouth person.  She, who complained that the music was not fast enough, was not even keeping in rhythm.  Gah.  I just kept my attention focused on the instructor.  At the end of the class, the uncouth lady came up to me with both of her arms out as if she wanted to double-high-five me.  I obliged, reluctantly.  I'm her friend after all.  NOT!  It just creeps me out that some stranger lady would slap me on my butt like that. 
Here it is, four hours later, and I'm still bewildered and bothered by it.  Is it just me or was that just plain weird?

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