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Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Wishes

 Jackie had a fun day at school on her birthday.  During morning snack time, I brought cupcakes to Jackie's class. That was fun and I think Ben even enjoyed the brief visit to Jackie's classroom.  I had to keep telling him to get out of the students' stuff.
I picked Jackie up from school and after we got home, I went through Jackie's school folder.  Inside the folder was a "birthday book" that the kids in Jackie's class made for Jackie.  Each student drew a picture of what they wished for Jackie and signed their name at the bottom.  The teacher put a paper curtain on top of each drawing.  As I went through and read the book to Jackie, I couldn't help but laugh at some of the wishes from Jackie's fellow students.  They ranged from the very simple to very elaborate and even a little strange.  One wished for a swingset and music.  One wished for a playset.  One wished for a TV to watch.  Hmm, we have a TV.  Actually, we have 3 and none of them are in the kids' rooms.

One kid wished for a beautiful trampoline.  A beautiful trampoline?!  OoohNooo.  Beautiful or not, I would rather not have any trampoline.  Especially after Jackie's accident nearly 3 weeks ago.  But Tim isn't into the idea of getting rid of the trampoline that we do have.

Another kid wished for a ring in a boy.  Now that one had me stumped.  A ring in a boy?  I can't help but wonder if the teacher misunderstood that student.  Perhaps it should be "a ring AND a boy."  Either way, it isn't happening.  The ring isn't happening and the boy isn't happening.  At least, not anytime soon.  Not until Jackie is 30.

I'm just mean like that!

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