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Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Jackie

Jackie is doing great and getting back to her usual, sassy self.  In fact, I took her to school today because she really wanted to go.  But she is not happy about the idea of not being able to play on the playground at recess.
Jackie was able to get a good amount of rest yesterday morning and early afternoon.  When she woke up again, she was ready to get the day going.  She was in a very sweet mood.  Well, as long as I kept the pain medication going, she was sweet.
The bleeding has pretty much subsided.  I put a loose, disposable pull-up on Jackie last night before bed and when she woke up, there were just trace amounts of blood in the pull-up.  It appears things are healing nicely.
By evening time, Jackie was doing well enough that I took her to her Daisy meeting after which we went to the Y so I could go to Zumba class. 
As well as Jackie is doing, I was beginning to wonder what all those drugs did to my little girl.  She has been full of insults.  Last night after we left the Y, she told my breath stinks.  Now, rest assured, my breath does NOT stink.  I've even asked the hubby about it and no, my breath does not stink.  I have good oral hygiene and I don't a lot of strong, smelly foods.  So, my breath does not stink. And I don't see people turning the other way when I talk to them.  But that child of mine made me paranoid about it now. Then this morning, after I brushed her hair and put a clip in it, Jackie started to whine that she wanted her hair nice and straight and that I don't do a good job at it.  What?!  How bad can I make her hair look?  I mean, her hair is poker straight, short, and all it takes is a few strokes of the brush and maybe a little detangling spray.  It doesn't take much right now to brush her hair out.  And I don't do a good enough job?! Oh my! What am I in for with this little girl?  Perhaps I should just go buy Jackie a wig. 
But even with all her sassy-ness, I sure do love my little girl.  Yesterday, there were times when I had a moment to close my eyes but all I could vision was my little girl hurt and bleeding.  It made me shudder every time.  And then to think the my baby girl had to endure such invasive examinations and procedures that I never imagined she would experience at this age, it was just so overwhelming.  But Jackie was such a trooper and she is now fine, as evidenced by her sassy attitude and a little bit of whining this morning.  Of course, Jackie's daddy did not help matters any when he(jokingly)  told Jackie that she missed the bus.  He knew that I had planned to drive Jackie to school this morning but no, he had to start trouble this morning already.  That is actually what started Jackie on her whining routine.  And my lack of hair brushing skills just added fuel to the fire.  But I was finally able to get Jackie to school intact with the promise  of shopping for new hair accessories. 

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