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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tears of Joy

I've had a lot on my mind during these past few days so maybe that's why I'm feeling more emotional.  Anyway, I am literally crying tears of joy tonight.  Scout has a home where he is going to be well-loved for the remainder of his life.  His new furry sibling loves him, too.  I'm just so happy I can't contain myself.
I don't know why I get myself involved in such cases.  Wait! I know why.  Because these loving dogs that I have saved from an untimely death have done nothing wrong and have only provided unconditional love.  Unconditional love to families who have decided that they no longer have room in their hearts for their "disposable" family member.  I'm being sarcastic when I say "disposable" but that's how so many people treat their pets.  Now, I should make it clear that I am not bashing those who have a legitimate reason for giving up their pets.  I realize so many people have had to give up pets due to financial distress, loss of home, illness, owner death, etc.  I'm referring to those who decide they just don't feel like moving their pet with them. Or the puppy became a grown adult dog or it sheds too much.  Stupid reasons like those really upset me.  The only thing our pets ask from us is unconditional love, food, shelter, and a place to sleep.  That's all.  Well, that's what most dogs as for.  Those little prissy, diva dogs?  Now those are high maintenance dogs.  But I'm sure they make great pets, too!
I'm going to get off my soapbox now but speaking of unconditional love, that is a huge reason why I have such passion for saving these precious souls who are abandoned by their beloved families.  I grew up with dogs and the one thing I remember the most about my dogs is the unconditional love they provided to me.  I rarely felt that kind of love from humans, including my own parents or people at church.  My dogs loved me unconditionally even when I didn't treat them nicely at times.  They didn't care how ugly I was or how I dressed.  It didn't matter to them that I wore Coke bottle-thick glasses.  My dogs loved me.  They loved me for ME!
My family includes 2 dogs, one of whom I have referred to in previous posts as Dumb Dog.  Now I use that title jokingly for Lucy.  You have to know Lucy to understand.  I may complain about the additional mess the dogs make or the hair that Lucy sheds (incessant shedder) but there is no way that I could abandon my pets.  They are part of my family.  They are wonderful with my children and Dugan is especially protective.  Yep, all 12 pounds of him.  They provide entertainment for all and they provide companionship for my kids, especially for Ben.  Ben is my budding veterinarian.  He LOVES animals.  And my dogs make me feel safer when Tim is out of town. 
Back to Scout, I am SO happy for him.  And for his new forever family.  He is going to be well-loved and well cared for.  He is going to have it made, I know.  I am so happy that I was able to help save his life.  However, I am NOT happy that he caused me to be a wee bit jealous.  On Monday evening when Scout arrived at my house, he greeted me and then immediately too off to the back yard to check it out and get to know my 2 dogs.  He came over to me occasionally for attention but he pretty much just laid around or played with Lucy.  But when his new mom came to meet Scout on Tuesday afternoon, Scout bounded right over to C and excitedly greeted her.  Then C got down on the floor with Scout who immediately started nuzzling into C. It was almost as if Scout was saying to C "where have you been? I've been waiting a long time for you."  I was a little bit jealous when Scout nuzzled C like that but I was beaming that Scout developed an immediate bond with C.  And now I'm beaming even more after receiving a message this evening that Scout has already bonded so well with his new family, furry sibling and all.  And vice versa.  Happy Tails to you, Scout!
Lately, I've been thinking that perhaps there really is a god.  Especially so, after the events of the last couple of weeks including that involving my little girl.  That has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel a bit of tug-of-war about it all.  Does anyone care? Perhaps not.  But it doesn't matter, as long as I can continue to try to make a difference in the lives of the underdogs, animal and human alike.  Because I'm an underdog myself. 

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