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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleep, Elusive Sleep

The hamster woke me up too early yesterday morning.  This time?  After finally getting into bed and on the edge of good sleep, I was jarred awake by a very strange noise.  Turns out it was hubby.  He was snoring!  And it was LOUD!  Oh boy, this was going to be a long night.  And no amount of punching, pinching, pushing, yelling, or cursing was going to make him quit.  I finally just sat up, shook the bed, and pushed and yelled at him again to change positions.  I thought I was finally successful but only for a few moments until I heard a low rumble.  Oh no! Not again!  I swear this man waits until I get into the bed to build up his noise, much like a lion builds up to a roar.  So, I shoved and yelled at him again.  Finally success! 
So, I'm on the edge of sleep when the hamster starts going crazy in his wheel again.  I don't know why I moved his cage into my room.  Oh wait, I remember.  It's because my kids wouldn't leave the poor thing alone.  Grrr.  I got up and took the wheel out of his cage.  Ah, relief! Now to just get back to sleep.
Back into the bed and under the covers and searching for slumber again, I suddenly hear a loud cry.  Oh no! What now?  So, I get up and tend to Ben.  It appears he woke up because he was cold.  I tucked Ben back into bed and covered him up good.  Finally, some relief.  I just hoped the noise back in my room has died down again.
Thankfully, Tim had not resumed his noise-making when I made my way back into bed and I was finally able to sink into a deep slumber.  Until that dang alarm woke me up.  So, I'm operating on probably 4 hours of sleep today and there's no time for a nap.  Ben has 2 appointments this morning, then I have to take Scout to the vet.  Then off to the gym.  Then I have to pick up Jackie from school and take her to physical therapy.  Then back to the gym again tonight for Zumba. 
And then hopefully, slumber won't be so elusive tonight.  Stay tuned...

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