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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selective Hearing or ADD? Or is it Just an Inherent Problem Among the Male Species?

Last evening, Jackie's school held a trunk or treat event.  I had volunteered to help with the parking and was asked to be at the school an hour before the event started.  I asked Tim to bring the kids to the school in time for the trunk or treat.  But before I left, I laid out the kids' outfits and shoes.  I told Tim that I would take Ben's hat and Jackie's poodle ears as well as both of their pumpkin buckets.  That way, all he would need to do is make sure the kids had their outfits on.  Sounds easy, right?  Taking the accessories with me, I figured that it would decrease the stress Tim may feel when it came to bring the kids to the school.  I know I told Tim at least 3 times what the plan was.  I know the first time was when I laid out the outfits.  The second time was while I got dinner prepared for Tim and the kids.  And I made certain to remind him of the plan right before I left for the school.  I told Tim that I had Ben's hat, Jackie's poodle ears, and their buckets with me in MY car.  I also had the candy for the event.  Three times this was conveyed to Tim.  Three times! 
So, when Tim brought the kids to me right before the event started, he asked me if I had the Ben's hat and Jackie's poodle ears.  Yes, I replied.  Then he asked me if I had their buckets.  Yes, I replied. 
Ugh, why do I even bother wasting my breath?
Perhaps next time, I should have him actually put the stuff into my car himself as a sort of physical reminder?  Somebody help me!

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