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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Updates and Great News

These past several days have been crazy, busy! And my house is showing it. 
First, an update on Jackie.  She is doing great and is back to herself.  The bruise is starting to fade and I'm fairly certain that the sutures are starting to dissolve by now.  I just feel so fortunate that it was not worse than it already was.  All the prayers from friends probably helped greatly. Unfortunately, Jackie did have to sit out during her last soccer game of this season this past Saturday.  Thankfully, though, she was able to enjoy the awards ceremony later that afternoon.  I'm so glad soccer is over for now.  Although I enjoyed coaching the little kids, I did not enjoy working with the assistant coach. But, I won't let that keep me from helping out in the future.  As an assistant, that is.  No more head coach for me.  Nada.
After the award ceremony, I headed out to my friend, Katrina's house, to bake pies.  I enjoy baking but this was going to be my first attempt at making a banana pie, all from scratch. Pie crust and all.  There was no banana pudding mix involved.  I mean, it was ALL made from scratch. Tim loves his mother's banana pudding pie so I was fairly certain that he would enjoy the pie.  And I was right.  He dug into it as soon as I arrived home with the pie.  Hopefully, he won't expect it too often.  It took over 2 hours to make the dang thing.  But it was worth it and it looked so pretty.  Well, before Tim dug into it.  But I'm glad he enjoyed it. 
Speaking of Katrina, I neglected to thank her for being there for me when Jackie had her accident.  As soon as she got the message about Jackie, Katrina drove all the way out to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis to be by my side.  She knew I couldn't get a hold of Tim and she insisted on being there for me even though she had to work the next day.  Even after Tim got to the hospital, Katrina stayed a while longer.  I'm so thankful for our friendship.  Thank you, Katrina!
After I came home from baking pies with Katrina Saturday night, I started work on dividing the uncooked spaghetti for Jackie's school spaghetti dinner fund-raiser.  That was forty pounds of uncooked spaghetti!  And the strands were probably at least 2 feet long.  I've never seen such long strands of spaghetti.
On Sunday after church, I finished working on the spaghetti project and got it all ready to deliver to the school on Monday (yesterday).  The rest of the day was as busy as usual with my afternoon Zumba class, then taking Jackie to choir practice and Awana. 
That evening, I worked on completing the Girl Scout cookie sale stuff.  Jackie's troop is brand new this year and since nobody else stepped up to be the Cookie Manager, guess who offered?  Well, the girls did very well considering this is a new troop.  I was proud of them.  I have to go pick up the cookies on November 8th.  Thankfully, one of the other troop mothers is going to help me pick up our order. 
Now for the GREAT news.  In the midst of all the busy-ness of the past weekend, I was becoming very worried about a dog whom I was trying to find a home for.  He belonged to one of my soccer kids and the family is moving to Alaska.  In fact, they left this morning by vehicle.  I think that would be an awesome road trip.  Anyway, the family was considering putting this dog to sleep or taking him to the pound because there just was no room for them to take the dog to Alaska.  This always grieves me when I hear about this stuff.  My opinion is such that if you feel the need to give away your pet each time you move, then don't even bother getting a pet.  It's hard on the pet and it's hard on the kids.  Now I understand there are circumstances that warrant giving up a pet but when it becomes a chronic thing, that's when it really gets to me. So, I got the word out about this dog and pleaded with my friends to help me find a home where Scout could live out his remaining years.  It got down to the wire so I had the family bring Scout to my house yesterday.  Scout is a big, handsome boy but he was so well-behaved during his visit here.  And Lucy enjoyed playing with Scout.  And Dugan?  Well, Dugan was just being his obnoxious self.  I guess his 12-pound self needed to feign bravery in front of the 75+ pound giant.   One of the teachers at Jackie's school came by after school to take a look at Scout.  Scout immediately ran to Mrs. G and pressed himself into her body.  It was almost as if he knew right away that he belonged to Mrs. G.  He was really sweet with me last night but he did not act that way with me like he did with Mrs. G.  Mrs. G decided to go ahead and take him to her home to see how her dog, Macy, and Scout reacted to each other.  I was so excited for Scout.  He got right into Mrs. G's car and he didn't even look back.  It was kind of funny.  I got the message later in the evening that Macy and Scout took to each other right away.  I wanted to cry tears of joy.  I really, REALLY hope this works out.  The next step is to get the treatment for Scout for which I am going to take Scout to his appointments.  I'm just so happy to give Scout another chance at a loving home. He really deserves it. 
It's been awhile since I've given an update on my fitness routine and my progress.  Lately, I've been getting a lot of comments on my weight loss and my fitness.  That keeps me more motivated to keep up the routine.  As most of you know, I started getting into the fitness mode when I started going to Zumba back in February.  I really enjoyed Zumba and quickly picked up another couple of classes during the week.  I gradually added treadmill and weight machines to my routine.  I made more changes to my diet and pretty much cut out soda.  I saw small changes in the beginning and that was encouraging.  Now I should say that I did not start all this with the intent of losing weight.  I just did not have the confidence that I could do so.  I had let myself go during that last year and weighed more than I had ever weighed.  I didn't feel good about myself in any area.  I kept hearing about Zumba and I was looking for something to do for myself.  Tim has his dirt bike stuff hobby and fishing hobby.  So why not me?  So, I tried Zumba and was immediately hooked.  In May, I started working with a personal trainer, mostly for strength training.  She also got me started on running.  I remember when I first started training, I could hardly run 2 laps around the O'Fallon YMCA track without feeling winded. But within a month, I was running three miles.  That didn't last long because unfortunately, I suffered a knee injury right before our family vacation in June. Then I re-injured it during vacation.  So since then, I have been able to run just 2 miles a couple of times.  I now am mostly able to run about a mile before the shin splints start to bother me.  But that's okay.  In addition to the personal training, running, and Zumba, I have added a couple of other classes which I am really enjoying.  The ABC Fitness class really kicks butt but it's awesome.  And I really enjoy the Kickfit class, too.  I should try a KettleBell class sometime.  Since I've started working out, the depression has greatly decreased and I feel more confident.  I've lost 4 clothing sizes, too. I really didn't have the confidence that I could lose the weight and I didn't realize how much I had lost until I went shopping with my friend, Katrina, a couple of weeks ago.  I really hope I can keep this up.  Funny, I never enjoyed fitness.  Now, I really enjoy the classes and I especially like the results that I'm seeing.  I hope to eventually become certified to teach Zumba and maybe even Kickfit.  Those are really fun classes.  I even briefly considered working toward doing a body/fitness competition. But, it requires one to wear really, REALLY skimpy outfits on stage.  That is not my cup of tea.  I will not bear all or nearly bear all in front of a bunch of strangers or even my friends.  So, that goal is out.  So for now, I will just concentrate on continuing my fitness adventure and maybe eventually work with others on fitness.  I never thought I could be inspiring but apparently, I've been inspiring others lately.  That's good, I guess.

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