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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lunch With Jackie

I had a lunch date with Jackie today.  She was so excited.  I brought lunch from St. Louis Bread Co./Panera.  I got Jackie the black bean soup which, believe it or not, she likes.  I had the salad.  I also brought a couple of snacks and bottles of water for us.  When I arrived at the cafeteria, Jackie was waiting patiently (maybe not?) at the tables with her classmates.  As soon as she saw me, Jackie just lit up.  She was excited that I really did make it to lunch with her.  Jackie's classmates immediately started asking me questions, asking if I was Jackie's mom, asking for help opening their milk cartons, telling me about their families.  They were cute and quite friendly. A couple of the little girls even told me that Jackie looks like me.  (I really don't like it that Jackie looks like me). 
Now a few observations: I was really surprised at how little time the kids actually have to eat.  They get 25 minutes from the time they leave the classroom, go through the lunch line, sit down, and start eating.  And the food?  Oh my, it looked TERRIBLE!  Today's menu was fried mozzarella sticks or ham & cheese sandwich.  The sides included sliced carrots (the call them carrot coins, haha) and diced pears.  The carrots looked like they came out of a 20-year old can and the diced pears didn't look any more appealing than the carrots.  The mozzarella sticks?  I'm not sure how to describe them, honestly.  I noticed at least half the kids who bought the school lunch hardly touched the food before tossing it.  I was so glad I brought Jackie's lunch today.  Another thing I observed is that the cafeteria provides those spork things.  You know, those things that are a spoon and fork in one.  Knowing the difficulty my daughter has with manipulating certain items, being forced to use this spork thing makes me wonder if that is one reason Jackie comes home complaining that she's starving.  She doesn't get quite enough time to eat and she is forced to use this strange contraption that is not user friendly to kids like Jackie who struggle with weakness in an extremity.  Well, after seeing the appeal, er, non-appeal of the school lunch, I think I may start packing Jackie's own lunch more often now.  That way, I can make certain that she gets the utensils that are easiest for her to use.  I don't think the school lunches are very nutritious anyway. 

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