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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jackie's Parent-Teacher Conference

Jackie's parent-teacher conference was this evening.  It appears that we have a social butterfly on our hands who also happens to have a sense of humor not only at home but at school.  Oh boy! I certainly hope that this doesn't cause Jackie to get into trouble in the future.  The progress report showed nothing but all S or S+.  I'm so proud of Jackie.
Jackie is actually ahead of what the class has been learning since school started, but thankfully she has not shown signs of boredom.  In fact, she kind of rolled her eyes when Mrs. G tested Jackie on her colors for part of the progress report.  Mrs. G said it was almost as if Jackie was non-verbally saying "are you kidding me? Get with the program, do you not know your colors?"  I'm not surprised by this.  Jackie has known her colors, alphabet, numbers, and shapes since before she turned 2 years. She knew how to spell her name, too.
I was surprised when Mrs. G told me that there are Kindergartners who do not know their shapes, colors, alphabet, or numbers.  So, Jackie is in very good shape academically.
Mrs. G said that Jackie is a joy to teach and that she is very well-liked by her fellow students.  You may recall the incidents Jackie experienced when she was picked on and hit for walking too slow at the beginning of the school year.  After two incidents in 2 days, I did decide to send a note to Mrs. G explaining what Jackie told me.  I have to give kudos to my daughter's school because Mrs. G wasted no time in getting the school social worker involved.  The social worker, Mrs. L, went to Jackie's class that very same day I sent Mrs. G an email.  Mrs. L told a story using a prop in the shape of a child.  For each negative comment that Mrs. L shared, she tore a piece of the child off.  At first, the children were bewildered but after a few moments they understood what Mrs. L was trying to explain.  These are Kindergartners! I was impressed with their response.  As Mrs. G relayed the story further to me, I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes.  Apparently, that story from Mrs. L had a huge impact on the class, and the child who initially bullied Jackie came up to Jackie and hugged her and expressed how sorry he was.  I had to keep blinking the tears back when Mrs. G shared this.  I was so touched.  Since then, Jackie has become a popular little girl and it seems that everyone wants to be with Jackie and be her friend.  And the boy who hugged and apologized?  Well, it seems that he has appointed himself to be Jackie's little bodyguard.  How cute.  That reminds me of when Jackie was in the Early Childhood program from age 3 to 4 1/2 years.  There was a little boy, A,  in there who had a thing for Jackie.  He always wanted to be seated next to Jackie, play with her during playtime, get her stuff for her.  But poor A, Jackie wanted nothing to do with him. Jackie's teacher and teacher's aid at that time would share with me and just chuckle at Jackie's response to A.  But now?  Jackie likes the boys and thinks it's cool to have "boyfriends."  Phew, I certainly hope that is not a sign of things to come.  I guess I better have her daddy get his gun ready.

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