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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jackie's Accident

First, I should let everyone know that Jackie is doing good.  She is such a trooper.
So, last night started out like any other typical evening.  Jackie's friend, T, was over playing with Jackie and after I finished preparing dinner, I invited her to stay for dinner.  After everyone finished eating, I started on kitchen clean-up.  During this time, Tim had left to go to a class and the kids went to the backyard to jump on the trampoline.  The kids, including T, know about the rule of one person at a time and I thought I could trust them for a few minutes while I finished cleaning the kitchen. Jackie and Ben came back inside for a sweater because it was getting chilly outside.  While they did that, I took the opportunity to sit on the couch for a few moments because my back was hurting a little bit.  I thought I would sit for a few minutes before joining the kids outside.  Well, soon after the kids went back outside with their jackets on, I heard Jackie screaming.  My initial thought was "what happened now?"  As most of my friends know, Jackie tends to be a whiner.  And also, Jackie tends to cry more whenever she plays with this friend.  T tends to be aggressive at times with Jackie so I immediately thought I was going to intervene in a little spat between the 2 girls.  Before I made my way out to the backyard to see what the was going on, Jackie made her way in and kept saying that she hit her bum.  She was shaking a little bit and she kept pointing to her genital area.  So, I laid her down on the couch to inspect and noticed at first what appeared to be mild irritation.  Then I noticed that she appeared to be losing her urine. Then suddenly, I noticed blood.  And more blood.  I ordered T to run next door to get her mom who is a nurse.  While I waited for C to come over, Jackie continued to bleed more heavily. I panicked and called 911.  I could not tell where the bleeding was coming from, just that it appeared to be coming from deep within the genital area.  C finally came over and while we waited for emergency to arrive, C cleaned up Jackie and tried to stop the flow of blood so she could get a better look at what was going on.  It was impossible to get a good look.  The Shiloh police department arrived way before the EMTs. Jackie's friend, T, freaked out and ran off when she saw the policeman because she thought she was going to be taken away.  She knew she made a mistake by getting on the trampoline while Jackie was on it and then jumping hard enough to catapult Jackie off. 
It seemed like forever before the EMTs arrived.  They checked Jackie's vitals and they were good.  But Jackie was in a lot of pain.  So, they prepared her for transport and we headed to Memorial hospital where there is  a pediatric ER.  They are wonderful there.  The staff was very attentive to Jackie.  And to me.  I was a mess and the staff did a good job trying to reassure me and help me relax. I finally called the neighbor, C, to give her an update and to see if she was able to locate Tim at the school.  I could hear T in the background and she was still hysterical about the accident.  So, I took a minute to reassure T that I was not mad at her and that Jackie was going to be okay.  Then I told her that I hope everyone learned a lesson about listening to rules about the trampoline. 
Jackie was stabilized and given pain medication so the doctor could get a better look without Jackie wincing from so much pain.  But the blood and Jackie's continued pain was making it difficult. The bleeding just would not stop.  Finally, after 2 hours there, that ER doctor decided the best thing was to transport Jackie across the river to St. Louis' Cardinal Glennon Children's hospital.  Upon arriving there, we were immediately put into a room and attended to very quickly.  The ER doctor there tried to get a good look and decided that they needed to bring in a gynecologist experienced in treating children.  That specialist arrived within 20 minutes and did everything she could to get a good look at everything.  But again, the pain and the blood made that attempt futile.  During all of this, the doctors were preparing me for the real possibility of taking Jackie into the OR.  It really did look that bad.  This gynecologist finally decided to call in another attending surgeon.  That doctor arrived and after assessing Jackie, the determination was made to move Jackie to a procedure room within the ER and use conscious sedation.  Tim and I were asked to wait in the waiting area while the surgeons worked on Jackie.  I'm not sure how long that took.  Probably less than an hour.
Finally, Tim and I were called back to the procedure room where Jackie was resting peacefully.  Between the exhaustion and all the drugs she was given, Jackie was very much out of it.  The doctors explained where the internal injury was and that they had to use four sutures.  Thankfully, they are the dissolving type. They also pointed at the superficial laceration on the external genital area.  She also has a big bruise extending from the perineum to mid-genital.
An hour after the procedure, we had to wake Jackie up to get her to drink and urinate.  By that time, it was 3 AM.  Jackie was nearly impossible to wake up but we did manage to get her to take a few sips of water.  Then Tim carried Jackie into the bathroom to see if she would urinate.  She did and it was enough for the nurse to allow Jackie to go home with us.  We arrived back home around 4 AM.  I got Jackie tucked into bed and I got a quick shower to get all the hospital smells off of me.  Then I laid in bed with Jackie since the doctors said to keep checking on Jackie's breathing pattern. 
The doctor has ordered decreased activity for a few days (obviously!) and to keep the area as clean as possible.  Other than feeling sore and possibly walking a little funny, Jackie should be back to herself within the day.  I had a couple of things scheduled for today but I'm going to let Jackie make that call whether we should go.  Knowing Jackie's fighting spirit, she will want to get out of the house for a bit.
As I write this right now, Jackie and I have been awake for over an hour.  Jackie is doing good, still a little tired, but she is such a trooper.  She's already eaten breakfast and is now just relaxing on the couch.  She told me that she wants to get out.  We probably will and then she will be treated to a double dose of ice-cream, her favorite treat.  I am just so proud of Jackie's spirit last night.  All the staff at both hospitals were so impressed at how well Jackie did throughout the entire ordeal. That's my girl.
Looking at the mess I left behind last night, bloody clothes, gauze & pad wrappers, shoes strewn about, it sounds weird but I feel so fortunate that it was not worse than it was.  The mess left behind looks bad but Jackie is doing great now and she is going to be just fine.  I'll deal with the mess later.
Again, I am just so proud of my little girl.  She has endured so much in her short life so far and she touched so many people last night with her spirit.  I often talk about how difficult it often is to deal with Jackie's strong will but her fighting spirit is what is going to help her go far in life.  I love her so much.


TIA HURT said...

Praising God that Jackie was taken care of and is home.
I am praying for quick healing.

Lori Tippett said...

Samantha! I am praising God for quick attention and a path to recovery. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help, please let me know. In the meantime, know that Jackie is uplifted in prayer. Poor thing!!!!

Ruth Loewen said...

So glad to read that she is doing well and is ok! We were praying! (((Hugs))) and lots of Love!

Cheryl said...

Oh Samantha, I am crying. That is so scary. I wish I could have been there to help you out. I would have been a mess too. God bless you for what you have been through. I will be praying for Jackie,that sweet littl girl. I am so relieved she is okay.

Janene said...

Samantha, I see we need to stay in town a little longer next time. Fruit snacks and indoor jumpolene.(LOL) Seriously, I am glad to hear that Jackie is doing well. We are also praying for a speedy recovery.

Samantha said...

Thank you everyone for your kind, encouraging words.
Jackie has been getting lots of hugs and kisses from me today and I even let her whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, including two bowls of ice-cream.
And yes Jan, we need more indoor Jumpolene. That dang trampoline outside was Tim's idea. I'm going to start looking for a Jumpolene soon. In fact, I'll start by looking on craigslist tonight.