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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good News About Ben

I have great news to share.  I just checked the mailbox and I noticed an envelope from Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.  I immediately opened right there because I just knew that it had to contain the results of Ben's chromosome testing that was performed a few weeks ago.  I am pleased to announce that the test results are normal.  Normal!  I knew it.  Now we just need to continue to work on finding an answer to Ben's severe expressive speech delay and come up with better ways to help him.
Speaking of which, I had a transition meeting with Ben's EI service coordinator and with the local school psychologist.  The psychologist commented on Ben's receptive language skills and said that she was very impressed with his scores as they were well above average.  This is great news but it adds to Ben's frustration level.  He knows what he is trying to communicate but most of us just don't get what he is saying. Except for Jackie.  Jackie seems to understand her brother the best.  In fact, she often comes to me and says "Ben said ___."  Jackie and Ben must have their own secret language.
Ben actually does talk but he is very unintelligible.  I often observe him groping as he tries to say a word.  I know without a doubt that he is an intelligent little boy.  I remember Jackie reciting her alphabet and numbers and spell her name before she was even two years old and I often wonder if Ben would be able to do the same if he didn't have such difficulty with his speech production.  I recently discovered that Ben can indeed recite alphabet and numbers.  He was watching a Sesame Street show (or something along that line) and characters were reciting the letters and numbers.  I noticed Ben was following along and even used his fingers for the numbers.  Now, he may not have been telligble to the typical listener but Ben was obviously following along with the show.  It's just a matter of time before we have a breakthrough.  I just know it. 
The transition meeting covered the process of starting Ben in the Early Childhood program when he turns 3 years old in December.  It is a 2 1/2 hour per day program where he will receive inclusive and individual speech therapy.  Jackie is a graduate of this program so I am very familiar with the teacher and the assistant.  They are awesome with the kids and I am looking forward to Ben being a part of Mrs. W's class.  Jackie loved Mrs. W and I know Ben will love her, too. 
I am just ecstatic over the great news of Ben's chromosome tests and I am nearly in tears with joyful feelings.  I knew there was nothing to worry about but still, to get the official word has me nearly crying tears of joy. 

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