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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drunk Talk? With a Five-Year Old?

Yes, you heard me.  Drunk talk with a five-year old.  I have previously mentioned that I am the coach of Jackie's soccer team.  The assistant coach, let's just call him J, has not been the best team player.  He doesn't follow the practice schedule or guidelines of the Upward manual.
So why should it surprise me about the conversation that he had with a couple of the boys on the team yesterday (Saturday) morning? Well, because these are 5-year old kids. And how many 5-year old kids actually know what being drunk means?
Okay, so we all arrived a few minutes before our own game started.  Assistant coach, J, made a comment to one of the boys about being drunk.  I wasn't sure I even heard correctly so I just shrugged it off.  Then another one of the boys, let's call him  JS, had his jersey on inside out so he promptly took the shirt off which revealed a tattoo (fake) on his belly.  Boys will be boys and that includes fake tattoos.  Well, J noticed and immediately made a comment and then asked JS if he was drunk when he put the tattoo on.  What?! I couldn't believe that this grown man, who is supposed to be a good, supposedly Godly example was asking a 5-year old kid about being drunk.  Then J goes into his spiel about himself getting drunk and doing stupid things at one time.  Who cares what J did during his drunken days?  Certainly no 5-year old does. 
Now I'm not against drinking, in fact, I enjoy the occasional drink except for beer.  Still to this day, the smell of beer bothers me probably due to the fact that I grew up exposed to an alcoholic stepfather.  A serious one at that.  And I know how to limit myself when it comes to alcohol. 
I've never been all out drunk myself, although I have felt a little tipsy. But I would never brag to my own children about this.  No way.  It is none of their business. And what purpose would it serve anyway?
I really cannot wait for this soccer season to be over in a couple of weeks.  After initially balking at being chosen as head coach, I have come to enjoy the kids and teaching them the basics about soccer.  But it goes so much more smoothly when I don't have to co-coach with J who does not care to follow the Upward guidelines.  And that makes me look forward to the end of this season.  Well, and also Jackie's constant whining is another reason.  I know that if I was not Jackie's coach, she would not whine and would listen much better to another coach. 

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Anonymous said...

have u considered letting upward know this? i'm sure they'd want to know!!