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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doggie Masquerade

I LOVE to dress up my dogs.  All of my dogs have enjoyed it when I would dress them up.  Well, maybe not all.  Lucy and Dugan don't appreciate it much and in fact, they go running when I even pull out a winter sweater for them.  Tonight was no exception.  Lucy was first.  As soon as I pulled out her costume, she immediately rolled onto her back and slid under the recliner in an attempt to hide from me.  Didn't work.  Needless to say, Lucy was not very cooperative when I dressed her up and tried to take pictures.  In fact,  I had to entice Lucy with a bit of peanut butter to get a halfway decent still photo of her in costume. 

When it came time for Dugan's turn, as soon as he saw me pull out his costume, his eyes bulged out and he took off running and even attempted to jump onto Tim's lap in his attempt to get away from me.  Aha, I won. I got the costume on Dugan and he immediately collapsed onto the floor and would. not. move.  I nearly wet my pants from laughter.  Dugan is such a neurotic case.  He just laid there with eyes bugged out. 

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