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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes, I Use a Leash On My Child

Okay, I realize a lot of people are offended when they see little children on leashes.  I use one for my son and I don't give a crap about what people think anymore.  It's my way of having a little more control over my son and helping him to be more safe. 
The type of leash that I use is a backpack type with a stuff monkey.  It harnesses in the front of the child's body and it has a "tail' aka leash attached to the backpack.  Ben likes his, he thinks it's cool, and he and his sister like to play and pretend that one is walking the other.  Sort of like puppy, er, monkey.  I was a little self-conscious about using it at first but then I had to consider what would be best, Ben's safety or my dislike for attention.  Ben's safety comes first, of course.  And you know what?  Most people think it's actually cute when my son is wearing his out in public.  That makes me feel much better about using it. 
At least I'm not using a dog leash with a collar around my son's neck.  Now that?  Is just plain wrong.  For many reasons with choking being a huge concern.  Which brings me to my post today.
I went to the commissary this afternoon to buy a few items.  Since I knew I wouldn't need a grocery cart with which I could strap Ben into the seat, I put Ben's harness on him and off we went inside the store.  We were just a few feet inside the store when this kind lady came up to me with a huge smile and commented how cute Ben's leash was.  Then she proceeded to share with me that when her son was little, they didn't have those type of cute kid leashes so she bought a harness at the pet store to use on her son.  I caught my self before my jaw dropped.  I just politely said "Thank goodness times have changed" and I was left with this horrible mental image of her son with a dog harness around his body.  I was left wondering how she even got a dog harness to fit comfortably around her son.  Think about it, most dogs are barrel-chested and dog harnesses are made to accommodate that.  Plus, dog contours are different from human boy (and girl) contours.  Hmm, I wonder what size the lady got for her son? 

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