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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on Jackie's Plane Trip

Jackie did very well on her first plane trip.  Tim called me when they landed in Charlotte on Tuesday evening and said that Jackie did well after an initial freak-out.  Upon landing in Charlotte, Jackie's ears started to hurt and Tim said that Jackie started to freak out a little but he gave her the gummy bears and some gum and that seemed to help calm her.  Then while they waited for the next flight, Tim treated Jackie to Pizza Hut.  By the time they finally arrived in Tampa, Jackie had fallen asleep and even slept through the landing part.  I was so proud of Jackie that she did so well.  My parents were at the airport to greet Tim and Jackie.  The parents took Jackie home with them to spend a few days while Tim went to stay at his mother's house.  I was so worried about how Jackie would react when she woke up the next morning but there was no need to worry after all.  When I finally got ahold of Mother yesterday, she told me that when Jackie woke up, she laid there for a moment, then reached over and patted her Mimi's face (Mother) and then asked "are you awake."  That's just like Jackie.  Funny.  I sure do miss my little girl.
She got to eat a fun, sugary breakfast of cocoa puff cereal and cinnamon roll yogurt (sounds gross).  Mother said she ate it all.  Of course, I'm the mean mommy because I rarely buy the sweet, sugary breakfast stuff here.  My kids are so deprived at home.
Mother had physical therapy that morning and Jackie went with her since her Poppy went golfing.  When I finally talked to Jackie, she seemed happy and like she was really enjoying being with her Mimi.  She also told on her Daddy that he left her gum on the plane.  Bad Daddy!  How dare he leave her gum behind.  But I'm not surprised as that is just a regular occurrence with Tim.  That's one reason that I didn't pack any of Jackie's really nice clothes for fear that half of it would get lost or left behind.  Sorry, Tim!
Ben must be recovered from his traumatic experience of being left behind.  He and I had a very nice day together.  Now we're getting ready to face more trauma in just a little while when I take him to get the first of 2 chromosome blood tests.  I'll update about that later.

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