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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow Can't Get Here Soon Enough

Gah! I've had a headache pretty much all weekend and I believe it's resulting from my shoulder pain.  I woke up very, very early Sunday morning to a raging headache and my shoulder was in a huge knot and very painful and difficult to move.  I took some painkillers and surprisingly, I was able to get up and get me and Ben ready to meet my best friend at her church.  After church, I came home and rested since I was still in pain.  But by early evening, I felt better, enough so that I met my best friend for a nice walk.  After walking, I took Ben to the park playground.  When it was time to leave, Ben went into a meltdown, one more violent than I have ever seen.  He kicked the back of the passenger seat, he writhed in his car seat, he was throwing his little toys at me from the back seat, he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  Now Ben has a temper but wow, I've never seen him that angry.  That was THE WORST meltdown that I have witnessed from Ben.  I'm not even sure I would classify it as a meltdown.  It was violent.  And he's just 2 1/2 years old.  The only thing that seemed to make him quit screaming for a moment was when I rolled down his window.  So, I made it home in one piece without yelling at Ben and immediately after getting Ben out of his seat, I put him back into his stroller and took him for another nice walk around my subdivision.  The walk seemed to calm Ben down tremendously and he played nicely with the neighbor girl while I mowed the front lawn.  But then bedtime came around and the meltdown process began again.  Ugghhh,
When I woke up this morning, I woke up to more shoulder pain, another headache but mild, and one of my hands was stiff and painful, the type of pain when you're deficient in potassium.  I was really looking forward to my little girl coming home today and that helped to get my mind off of the pain.  My friend came by for a little bit, then I did a little cleaning around the house.  Mother called me around 11:00 to let me know that she got Tim and Jackie to the airport and they should be en-route to Birmingham by then.  Then she "warned" me that Jackie was very active this morning.  Then when she took Jackie to the bathroom before getting on the plane, Jackie insisted on being independent.  Apparently, Mother still wanted to help and when she smacked Jackie on the bum, Jackie had a mini meltdown.  Then she ran from the bathroom toward her daddy and yelled "Mimi hit me, Mimi hit me."  Ugghh.  I didn't really know what to think except that I was feeling a little guilty because Tim was going to be dealing with a sassy kid by himself.  Around noon, Tim called to tell me that the plane landed in Birmingham and that it was going to be delayed for nearly an hour before departing for St. Louis.  I could tell that he was stressed. When I asked what was going on, he explained that since there was going to be a longer layover, he and Jackie went to the Pizza Hut at the airport.  The line was incredibly long but Jackie insisted on pizza.  So they made their way, finally, to the front of the line only to be told that there was just one cheese pizza left.  They both wanted cheese so Tim told Jackie that they would have to share the pizza.  When they sat down to eat, Jackie started screaming that she did not want to share and that she wanted to eat all of the pizza.  Tim nor I like attention drawn to us so he just threw his hands up and just let Jackie have her way.  Jackie ended up not eating all of the pizza after all and since she had her hands all over it, Tim just threw it away.  My solution to that situation would have been to just box up the pizza and leave.  But they were at the airport so there was nowhere for Tim to escape.  I asked to speak to Jackie and she immediately started crying to me that her daddy didn't want to talk to her.  I had a stern chat with Jackie, then told her to apologize to her daddy.  Apparently, Jackie's behavior on the plane from Birmingham to St. Louis was not much improved.  He was bringing a little monster back home.
Since I knew that Tim would be hungry by the time he landed in St. Louis, I went through a White Castle drive-thru close by the airport before going to pick Tim and Jackie up.  I think he was glad that I thought of him in that way.  He was famished.  Jackie seemed happy to see me and especially her brother.  We got home and I thought all was well.  But not even 15 minutes later, Jackie went into another all out meltdown.  Over what? A coloring book.  Ben got ahold of one of the 233 (insert sarcasm here) coloring books that her Mimi gave her while in Florida and Jackie did not want to share.  Again.  It seems that Jackie had a problem sharing with her cousin all weekend and now it was carrying over to her brother.  I explained to Jackie that since she got so many coloring books from her grandmother, she needed to share with Ben.  That was not going over with her.  So, the coloring book went into time out.
Finally, the kids started playing together nicely with their zhuzhu hamsters that Mother got them.  And I was able to get dinner finished and served.  I accidentally dumped Jackie's plate onto the floor.  Then Ben dumped just about a half can of Parmesan cheese onto his plate.  I got everything cleaned up and got Jackie ready to go to a friend's house for a little bit.
Before I left for the friend's house, I called our new tenants to let them know that Tim was home and ready to take care of the 2 minor issues that were pending inspection from our township.  There was no answer so I left a message for them to call me back.  While visiting K, I kept my phone close by in case the tenants called me.  After leaving K's house, Jackie and I headed back home but halfway home, Jackie went into another meltdown.  Why?  Because I wouldn't turn up the stereo volume full blast.  It was already loud enough for me and I have more hearing loss than Jackie does.  So, no, I was not turning it up more.  Finally, I just turned off the stereo and Jackie screamed and kicked the back of my seat and the door the rest of the way home.  I got home and since she continued her meltdown, Tim put Jackie into her room.
Since I knew the tenants were expecting the repairs tonight, once I got home and while Jackie was melting down, I stepped outside and called them again and left another message.  Well, a few minutes later, I received a call from my friend, N, saying that she had received a voice mail from me but that it must have been meant for somebody else and since it sounded important, she called to let me know.  I felt like such a dufus although I can laugh about it now.  I just didn't double check the number that I was dialing.  N lives in a neighboring state and the new tenants are originally from the same state as N and from the same are code as N.  So when I picked the wrong number from my cell phone, I just looked at the area code, not the entire number.  Oops, I was wondering why the tenants weren't calling me back.  So, I got ahold of the tenants and explained to them my mistake.  They just laughed and we decided to just take care of everything tomorrow.
Jackie finally calmed down enough to come out of her room and get a shower.  She didn't even fight going to bed.  Wow!  I thought for certain that the night would end with another of Jackie's meltdowns.  But she pleasantly surprised me for the first time today.  Ben, on the other hand, fought bedtime again.
As much as I was looking forward to seeing my little girl today, that excitement was short-lived as I was ready to put her back on the plane bound for Tampa within the hour of arriving home.
Here's hoping for a better tomorrow, pain free shoulder and pleasant children.  And in case of meltdowns, may I successfully employ another day of no yelling.  I am pleased with myself that I was able to keep my cool amidst all the storms today.

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