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Friday, September 3, 2010

Such a Beautiful Day... For a Traffic Rant

Yes, today is a beautiful day.  Not too hot and the sun is out after 2 days of rain.  Ben and I slept in a little bit before starting our day. The day started with an appointment with the personal trainer.  It was quite a workout but unfortunately, my shoulder started giving me a little bit of trouble.  I suffered an impinged shoulder earlier last year and I went to several months of physical therapy.  It helped but my shoulder occasionally will pop like crazy.  I got through today's workout okay but I'm sure I'll feel a little pain tomorrow.  That's okay, though, because no pain, no gain, right?
After I was finished with the workout, I got Ben out of the playcenter so we could run a few errands.  Oh, what a beautiful day to run errands.  The weather was perfect, no rain, not too hot, a little windy.  Perfect weather for driving with the windows down and the moonroof open.  Our first stop was home where I grabbed the mail, the keys to the rental house, and my list of things I needed to purchase for the rental house.  From home, Ben and I headed to Walmart where I encountered several idiot drivers.  Drivers who like to just stop in the middle of the road and just sit there while traffic piled up behind with no way to get around because said driver is blocking the way out.  Then driver decides to inch his way forward until he decides to come to a complete stop again until finally, 3 minutes later, his passenger decides to take her time, another 3 minutes, to get out of the car.  Grrr.  Thankfully, said driver had moved up just enough for me to turn right into an aisle where I encountered yet another idiot driver who tried to ram me head-on.  What is it with people who think they are entitled to an entire acre of pavement so that nobody else can get around.  But, then I remember, this is Walmart.  What else should I expect.  I finally made my way around to the far edge of the parking lot where nobody could mess with me and Ben and I went inside to take care of business. We got what we needed, including padded mailing envelopes, and since Ben was so good throughout the store, I rewarded him with a gross Walmart donut.  We went back home so I could some other stuff ready to mail. 
Mother had sent a big box of stuff a few days ago for the kids.  There was a variety of stuff from clothes, school supplies, a couple of small toys.  There were also several articles of clothing that inadvertently was mailed to us that should have gone to Mother's other grandkids.  So, I had to get that stuff ready to ship to those grandkids.  Once I got everything done, we headed to the Downtown Belleville post office where I also had a certified letter waiting for me.  Ben was such a trooper throughout all of this.  After spending a fortune shipping out 5 large envelopes of stuff, Ben and I headed out for one more errand.  As I'm driving through Main Street in downtown to head out, I get stopped behind yet another idiot driver.  This time, he was blocking the main road in our direction.  With his blinker on.  Why he was waiting for that particular spot was beyond me because there was nobody else around who appeared to be moving their car out of the way for this idiot.  Grrr again.  What is it with these people?  Finally, he signals for me to go around him.  Yeah, right.  I've done stupid things but I'm not that dumb to go around and crash head-on into oncoming traffic.  There was no room whatsoever to go around this idiot and he kept motioning for me to go around into the oncoming traffic.  And of course, traffic was building up behind me.  Finally, I got around the idiot and headed toward our next errand.  And again, all the idiot drivers are out on such a beautiful day to annoy those who truly want to enjoy such a beautiful day.  This time, I was behind a driver when suddenly he stops, right in the middle of the parking lot lane, and pulls up out of his window, beeps his horn, and yells at another car whom I can only assume he recognized as another idiot friend.  So, they exchange pleasantries, all the while I'm not feeling so pleasant, for a few moments.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't even look pleasant when one of the idiot's passengers looked behind at me and immediately turned back around.  Oh yeah, I'm fairly certain I looked flamed by this time.  Again, there was no way for me to get around this idiot unless I backed out, which I did eventually do.  I just left without taking care of the last errand.  I just couldn't take anymore idiots today.  We finally made it home where I'm trying to relax for a bit.  I still need to go to the rental house to take care of some minor things. Then I may risk encountering more idiot drivers and go to the Friday Zumba class. 

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