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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Things Will Never Change

Okay, I will first make it very clear that I love my husband and I care very much about him.  But, he definitely peeves me at times.  Many times.  Maybe all the time.  I try to not be so hard on him but gee, will it ever be possible for him to have the kids bathed, in their pajamas, toys picked up, teeth brushed, and in bed before I come home AFTER 8:30 on Tuesday and Thursday nights?
Today was another busy day.  I had a doctor appointment this morning after which I ran a couple of errands with Ben.  Then came home and fed Ben lunch and hung out for another hour and half until it was time to pick up Jackie from school early. I then had to take Jackie to St. Louis for her neurology appointment.  We did not get out of there until nearly 5:00 PM.  Traffic was heavy and we didn't arrive back home until 5:45.  I had just a few minutes to get Jackie ready for soccer practice which started at 6:00.  I left instructions for Tim on what to cook for dinner.  When I brought Jackie back home at 7:00, Tim was successful with dinner preparations.  Score! 
On the drive back home from Jackie's neurology appointment, Ben fell asleep.  That was around 5:30.  Tim had brought Ben in from the car and laid him on the couch where Ben continued to snooze.  I figured he would probably wake up before I brought Jackie home from soccer practice.  So, I was surprised that Ben was still asleep when we got back home at 7:00.  I quickly got Jackie a plate of spaghetti and some broccoli then I quickly changed into my workout clothes for Zumba which starts at 7:30.  Which Tim knows about because I go every Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.  Every week.  Every Tuesday and Thursday.  At 7:30.  You get the hint.  It doesn't change unless I have something that comes up.  But that hardly happens because I have to have my Zumba fix. 
So before I head out the door, I exchanged a few words with Jackie and told her goodnight.  I told Tim that I'll see him later.  As I headed out (by this time it is 7:10), I thought, "hmm, maybe I should have woken Ben up."  But then I thought common sense would tell Tim to wake Ben up before too long.
I got to Zumba and it was a great and fun class tonight.  It's always fun but tonight was especially fun because people just got the giggles over some of the moves. 
I got home about 8:50 and the first thing I notice as I drive up to the house is the light streaming through Jackie's bedroom window.  Now why should that be a big surprise?  I walked in but all was quiet so I thought perhaps the kids were indeed in their rooms just being quiet until they fall asleep.  But bliss ended immediately when Tim announced that the kids were still awake.  O-kay.  Where?  In our room.  Were they ready for bed, with teeth brushed?  Nope.  So, I immediately go in my room and since the kids ignored my request to get off of my bed and go get ready for bed, I turned the TV off.  To my surprise, there were not protests.  Very unusual.  I got Ben changed into his night clothes, brushed his teeth, and put him to bed.  Then my attention was turned to Jackie.  Surprisingly, she didn't stall too much tonight.  During all of this, the mister continued to veg in his chair in front of the TV and with his laptop in front of him.  I could feel my anger rising but I managed to stay calm while I got the kids ready for bed.  Just as I go the last kid into her bed, the mister came in and asked what he should do.  What?!  Why ask now?  He had nearly 2 hours to make sure the kids would at least be ready for bed by the time I arrived back home from the Y.  Why bother now?
I told him everything was taken care and then proceeded to ask him why he didn't have the kids already prepared for bed?  His response?  He didn't know I was gone.  Now, that is unbelievable.  He didn't know I was gone?  It is Tuesday night.  I left immediately after bringing Jackie home from soccer practice. This is a routine thing.  Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30.  Every week.And? I even said "see you later."  So what was different about tonight?  Not sure.  Maybe mister was out of his routine when he was assigned to prepare dinner tonight.  Ha.
Well, after I finished with the kids, I proceeded to the kitchen to clean up the big mess in there.  Then I noticed it.  A plate with untouched food on it that belonged to Ben.  So I asked Tim if Ben ate anything at all for dinner.  His response?  No, because Ben didn't wake up until close to 8:00.  Eight o'clock?!  I knew I should have gone ahead and woken him up before I left, instead of counting on common sense.  Because now?  Now I am sitting here, at 10:30 PM, with a little boy who won't go to sleep and who is still going strong.  And everyone else?  Well, everyone except me and little boy?  They're all asleep.  Something Little Boy would already be doing had he not been allowed to sleep until 8:00.  Grrrr.
Somebody tell me, is it really impossible to train an old dog new tricks?

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TIA HURT said...

Mommy are very important to life running smoothly. FACT! I couldn't even imagine what would happen with out us. =-)