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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I'll get to that in a moment but first, I want to say that yesterday afternoon ended up being a much better day and it even extended through this morning.  After I got Jackie off to school, Ben had his speech therapy appointment.  After Ben's therapist left, I headed out with Ben to the YMCA to work out a little bit.  I ran although I seemed to struggle with my breathing a little bit.  I walked a little more afterward then made my way downstairs where I worked some on the weights and treadmill.  From there, Ben and I headed home where we just hung out until it was time to meet Jackie at the bus stop. 
As soon as Ben saw the bus coming around the corner, he ran toward the curb with his arms open wide to greet his sister.  It was the cutest thing.  As soon as Jackie got off the bus, Ben embraced his sister and hugged her tight.  It was just so precious and warmed my heart and it helped to take away the sadness and guilt that I had been feeling since the morning.  The bus driver was so touched by my childrens' actions and kept saying "how cute, how sweet, how precious."  It really was precious and I wish I had my phone ready to take a picture.
We got back to the house where Jackie immediately grabbed Ben's bin full of Little People and dumped them.  Ugh, I thought for sure that Jackie was still upset from that morning. I'm not sure why Jackie did that.  I asked Jackie to pick them up whereupon she called Ben to come help her.  I told her no way was that happening as she very clearly was the only guilty party in dumping the bin.  And it was no accident; it was very intentional.  But after threatening to take away certain toys, Jackie picked up the Little People and put them back in the bin.  Then I had her sit next to me so we could go over her day at school. 
Jackie told me about computer lab and lunch.  Then she told me that she had to watch everyone while they played a game.  She said Mrs. G said "Jackie, go sit down and watch because you're not paying attention." Whoa! Jackie in trouble?  Now Jackie may be a handful around us but she was always very well-behaved in preschool and now in Kindergarten. Jackie also complained that she didn't win a lollipop because she had to sit down during the game. 
Tim and I have always said that if either of our kids are ever in trouble at school, we want to get both sides of the story, especially if the kids blame the teacher or others.  Tim and I both have siblings who always blamed their troubles on teachers and/or other students.  Mother never got the teacher's side of the story as she always believed her little boy.  Of course, this got him nowhere and it still carries on today.  Tim and I want our children to learn to take responsibility for their actions but also support and protect our children if there truly is a problem with a teacher or student. We will not automatically take our childrens' word as the truth we will get both sides of the story before we make judgement. 
Thankfully, Jackie did not blame her teacher for anything but she seemed to be confused about why she was in "trouble."   So, I emailed Mrs. G and told her about my conversation with Jackie and even apologized if her behavior was carried over from that morning's debacle.  And that Tim and I wanted to know what happened.  Mrs. G is a wonderful teacher.  She reassured me that Jackie was no trouble and even commented that Jackie "is as sweet as they come."  I don't know why but that brought tears to my eyes.  Jackie really is a sweet little girl, when she wants to be and that's what I really, really love about her.  I also love the fact that she has been such a trooper through all of her therapies and surgeries.  Thank you, Mrs. G.
Okay, so back to how the day went.  I took Jackie to soccer practice in the evening.  Since I am one of the coaches on Jackie's team, Jackie tends to whine to me a little more when she doesn't get the ball enough or get her turn at something as often as she would like.  That's one of the things that I don't like about coaching Jackie's team.  But Jackie did a great job working with her teammates and at turn-taking.  I was proud of her.  After practice, I got the kids home and gave Tim instructions about bedtime routine before I headed out to my Zumba class.  I really needed Zumba last night and it was a great workout.  We have a new instructor for Tuesday nights and she is very good.  Between all of the Zumba classes I've taken, I've experienced 4 different instructors.  S is pretty close in comparison to M, they're both high energy and fast-paced and I get the best Zumba workouts with both of these ladies.  After I got home from Zumba (close to 9pm), I was not pleased to see that Jackie was still up.  At least she was dressed for bed  On the other hand, Ben wasn't even near ready for bed and it was 9:00!  Is it too much to ask for certain somebody to complete ALL duties as a parent for the couple of nights that I go to the gym?  So, I immediately got Jackie into her room to pick out today's school outfit and then into bed.  She was pleasant and didn't fight me at all.  Whew, thank god for that.  Then I set to work on getting Ben ready and he balked and ran from me.  I just threw my hands up and told Tim that it was his turn.  It took awhile but Tim finally got Ben in bed.
This morning, I got a late start as I didn't hear my alarm.  I have my alarm set on my cell phone and I did not realize that my phone had been set to mute.  Fortunately, I woke up right before 7:30 with 20 minutes to spare to get Jackie up, dressed, fed, and out to the bus stop.  Jackie was in a great mood the entire time.  No crying, hallelujah! I quickly put on some clean clothes and put my hair up in a clip, at least, what little hair I have.  I knew it didn't look good but I didn't time to beautify.  As we're walking down the driveway to head to the bus stop, Jackie said "Mommy, your hair looks funny."  And kids are brutally honest.  It looked bad, actually it looked scary with pieces of hair sticking up in all different directions.  Of course, this made me feel a little more self-conscious about standing with the other parents.  Thankfully, I didn't have the BO or stink breath to go along with the skank hair.
Jackie got on the bus cry-free for the first time since started Kindergarten.  This morning has Jackie (and me) in such a good mood that I momentarily considered that I should over-sleep until 7:30 every day.  But, nah, it's just a tad stressful when you have just 15-20 minutes to get a child out of bed, dressed, fed, and out the door for school. 
After Jackie got off to school, I took Ben to the sitter's house.  I went to my hair appointment after which I went to pay our second installment of our property taxes due today without penalty.  I got Ben from the sitter's house and now we're just hanging out at home until Jackie gets home from school.  I'm enjoying this rare moment of free time with no appointments, no errands, just nothing.  Nice!

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