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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Long Awaited Conversation

Tonight ended on a great note after a bad day.  I've talked about bullying in previous blogs and I've talked about how the bullying affected me and still affects me to this day.  The social network, Facebook, has brought about healing in some ways.  Recently, actually months ago, I accepted a friend request from a former fellow student from my years in Swansboro, NC.  At first, I was reluctant to accept her because I was a little leery.  Leery because this person was one of the meanest people to me during our school years together.  We started out as next-door neighbors and even though we occasionally played together, she was still often very unkind toward me.  I never understood why as all I ever wanted to do was be her friend. 
After several years of us being neighbors, N's parents bought some acreage in another neighborhood and they moved, although we still attended the same school.  At school, N was just as mean as ever toward me and I tried to avoid her.  I thought she was well-liked by the other students but looking back now, it was more like everyone was nice to her to stay on her good side.  But I was nice to her, too, and she was still mean to me.  So what was the difference?  I know now thanks to Facebook.  And I'm grateful for Facebook that we are friends again.  Friends for real this time.
Recently, I received a note from N apologizing for the things she did to me during our childhood.  She explained why she treated me the way she did.  It really had little to do with me and it had a lot to do with how she felt about herself.  It was easy to pick on me. I was touched and it brought me to tears.  It meant the world that she was apologizing and I knew she was sincere.  We exchanged numbers so that we could talk and soon after that, I had a voice message on my cell phone from N.  I was so sorry that I missed her call as I was really looking forward to talking to her.  I knew she was going to start back to work this week so I waited until the weekend.  I was going to call her tonight but she beat me to it and called me while I was getting a few groceries.  I promised to call her as soon as I arrived back home.  Although I felt awkward at first, it was so wonderful talking to her.  We talked a little it about our families and what our parents are up to.  One thing I remember about her parents is that they always seemed so nice to us, although I never really got to know them too well.  Unfortunately, N's mother has passed. Before we finished our call, N again apologized for treating me the way she did.  I'm just so proud of how N has turned out.  She has a beautiful family and she enjoys her job working with children.  I'm looking forward to talking again with her in the near future and possibly even one day pay a visit as we live less than a day's drive apart from each other.  It really made my evening to be back in touch with N who has turned into a wonderful person who genuinely cares about people.  Oh, and she loves McD's sweet tea like me!
N, thanks for looking me up.  I really look forward to growing our friendship, in a great way.  And thanks for the nice comments about my family and for the encouragement.  You really are a beautiful person., inside and out. 

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