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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Kidding

I wanted to write about a Jackie funny last Friday but got caught up in other things.  Then I just plain forgot that I didn't post it until today.  Actually, this story started last Wednesday.
Last Thursday morning while we were waiting for the school bus, Jackie confided in me that she and her friend, B, got into trouble the previous day (Wednesday).  I couldn't believe my ears.  Did she not learn her lesson from the red note that she received the previous Monday?  So I asked what happened.  I couldn't quite understand everything because the bus showed up just as Jackie was telling me the story.  But what I did understand was that she and B had gone on bathroom break and were doing something with the paper towels and water.  Knowing that I had a meeting later that day at the school, I figured I would ask Jackie's teacher about it. So later that afternoon, I went to the school for Jackie's IEP meeting.  I asked Mrs. G about the incident from the previous day and she immediately started to laugh.  Apparently, Jackie and B went on bathroom break as scheduled but when they were taking a longer time than usual to come out of the bathroom, the attending teacher went in and discovered both of the girls making "sand" castles out of the wet paper towels.  Mrs. G told me that Jackie's expression, upon seeing the other teacher, was priceless and without words said "I've been busted again."  So the girls were sent to their classroom.  No red note was sent home, though, so I guess all was forgiven.  Or perhaps it was because the troublemaker kids were not involved therefore allowing the teacher to just give a yellow warning.  I mentioned this to Tim that evening but apparently it was old news to him because Jackie had confided in him that night after the incident.
The rest of the IEP meeting went well.  Jackie is on target and actually advanced in certain areas academically.  Jackie primarily has an IEP in place to ensure that she receives additional physical therapy at school.  Plus, the speech therapist is going to do some remediation with Jackie for some minor speech issues.  Other than that, Jackie has become quite the social butterfly and is very well-liked by not only fellow students, but by staff.
So Friday, Jackie came home and as soon as she came in the door and I asked for her backpack, Jackie said that she got another red note.  Now she did not appear distraught, in fact, she was quite the opposite. So one part of me thought, "yeah, right, she's kidding me." But the other part of me was "What!? Did she not learn her lesson after being so heartbroken over that first red letter?  So of course, I reacted with surprise and dismay.  And as soon as I asked Jackie what happened and why, she responded with "I was just playing, Mommy." No wonder she was in such a good mood.  She had a plan.  And it worked.  That little twerp nearly got me. And she isn't even 6 years old, yet. 
I don't know where she got that humor but I certainly hope that it doesn't get her into trouble at school. 

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