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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dumb Dog + Dumb Owner = Dumb Idea

Okay, this is for my friend Noel, who suggested that I blog about this story.
So today, I did not get to the gym at all.  And I'm in the "feeling fat" mood.  The day started and ended well after several stressful days dealing with my daughter so I was very grateful for that and didn't feel too bad about not making it to the gym.  After all, I had a very busy day with getting my hair cut and re-highlighted, paying the 2nd installment of real estate taxes that were due today without penalty, going to the rental for a re-inspection, working on my stuff for this weekend's recycled kids sale.  I had to get dinner cooked for the family, clean up, then I went to singing practice.  I really, really wanted to get to the gym to go running, at least.  Since I was unable to fit that into my schedule, I decided to go for a run this evening.  With the dog. The dog that I was considering running with in a fundraiser for a pet rescue organization. 
So, I got the bright idea that I should take Lucy, the dog, running around the neighborhood.  It was already dark so I thought great idea, she can train for this race alongside me while at the same time, she'll be my protector while I run in the dark.  So, I got the leash and Lucy started turning circles in excitement.  I should have taken this as a sign.  But no, I knew she needed some practice for this upcoming race.  So, we head out the door and I was immediately jerked forward by the dumb dog trying to catch a rabbit that was hanging around the front yard.  So back inside we went for the prong collar.  Of course, being the pessimist that Tim is, he suggested that the prong collar WOULD NOT work with Lucy.  Oh, yeah?  So, I set out to prove him wrong.
Lucy and I head back out.  Now I should say that I usually start out with a fast walk to warm up before running.  That's without a dog in tow.  Not tonight.  The dumb dog and I took off running right away and not by my choice.  I finally got Lucy reigned in and we went back to a fast walk, well, maybe a little faster than a fast walk.  More like near-running.  Lucy then started her zig-zagging pattern. She had to sniff one side of the sidewalk and immediately move to the other side, then back to the other side.  And it wasn't a slow pace, either.  The dog was running while doing this zig-zag craziness.  Then I tripped.  On the dog.  We got just one block from the house and I probably tripped  at least 5 times over the dumb dog and I was beginning to doubt that I would make it home unscathed.
Finally, we got around the cul-de-sac a block from the house and finally, I got Lucy under control.  Well, I thought I did until Lucy suddenly lurched into her zip-zag fast trot again. GAH!  And I tripped.  Again.  I re-wrapped the leash around my hand once more and made it just a little tighter.  I was beginning to think Tim may be right about the prong collar not working on Lucy.  Lucy seemed oblivious to the darn thing. 
Finally, it seemed that I finally broke through to the dumb dog.  She was finally running alongside me in a straight pattern.  After several more yards I finally breathed a sigh of relief.  Tim was wrong and I was right.  The prong collar is working.  Finally.
We were going at a good pace until Lucy got the leash caught around her leg.  Twice.  That should not have happened by the way I had the leash wrapped and the tightness of it.  So, while continuing to move, I quickly unwrapped the leash and we continued on our way.  And doing good.  Until... Lucy started growling which startled me.  Then I realized the culprit. Tomorrow is trash day and most of the neighbors had their trash sitting curbside.  Lucy was growling at somebody's black trash bag.  A trash bag! Dumb dog.  I just pulled her along and continued on our run.
When I came upon the back cul-de-sac, one of the neighbors had all of their cars blocking the sidewalk so Lucy and I ran onto the pavement and immediately after passing those cars, we ran back upon the sidewalk.  Well, at least, I did.  I don't know where Lucy thought she was going but I know that I almost flipped over the dumb dog.  We got back onto the sidewalk and everything seemed to finally go smoothly for nearly the rest of the way home.  Finally, the dumb dog was getting it.  She might be race material after all.  Toward the end of our run, though, I was pretty much pulling Lucy along.  At least she wasn't zig-zagging me along.  In fact, Lucy was acting like she was going to die from exertion.
Finally, we made it back home and Lucy couldn't get inside the house quick enough.  She immediately went to her water bowl and sucked the water down.  Not sure if Lucy is really cut out for this but as dumb as the idea is, I'm willing to give her another try.  The prong collar did work.  After several minutes, that is.  Now I need to figure out how to get the dumb dog to quit tripping me. 
And to all my fellow animal lovers, I really do love my animals.and we take good care of them.  However, Lucy really is not the brightest candle on the cake.  You know that book, "Marley & Me"? You should read it.
Here is a picture of the dumb dog.  She actually sleeps like this sometimes.

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