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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can I Please Have Just One Cry-Free Day

I must admit this morning that the excitement of having my daughter home from Florida was short-lived, extremely short-lived.  It has been nothing but a cryfest and screamfest since Jackie's been home.  And I am at my whit's end with it.
This morning actually started out just fine.  Jackie woke up, got dressed for school, ate breakfast. Everything was going smoothly. Until...  I brushed her hair and she wanted a barrette.  So I get a barrette and place it in her hair.  She takes it out and goes to the bathroom and starts crying while she's brushing her hair.  The hair that I had already brushed and put a barrette in.  What the heck, now, is she crying for?  Well, now she's crying because she wants long hair and she wants it now.  Grrr, a month ago she wanted to get her hair cut short again.  So it got cut short.  Nothing makes this child happy.  NOTHING!
This has been a daily occurrence.  She can wake up as happy as ever, eat breakfast, get ready for school, but then...  something happens, no matter how minor, to set the child off into a crying frenzy.  I don't believe we have even made it to the bus stop without crying.  She cries because she doesn't want to wear her AFO or splint, she cries because I didn't put enough milk in her cereal, she cries because she doesn't want to wear the clothes (clothes she picked out the night before with my help), she cries over something that happened last week, she cries because she really didn't want the shower the night before, she cries because the dog looked at her funny.  GAH!!!!! She finds a reason to cry and I am sick, sick, sick, of it all!  For once,  I would like to walk the child to the bus stop without crying going on in the background.  What is it with this child?  I've asked her about school.  She loves it.  Is anybody mean to her? No, not since the 2 hitting incidents a couple of weeks ago.  Does she like the bus?  Yes, she loves the bus and doesn't ever want me to take her to school or pick her up.  Is her teacher mean?  No, she loves her teacher. I'm just at a loss and frustrated with this daily routine of crying for no real reason.
This morning, I walked her to the bus stop, crying again.  Over wanting long hair.  She did not let up the entire time we waited for the bus.  I finally had to just walk away a few yards away to get away from the her noise.  No worries, as she was always in my line of vision and there were also a couple of other parents there.  I just can't figure the child out.  Finally, the bus came (not soon enough) and Jackie got onto the bus and sat down.  I could see her looking through the window at me with a scowl.  I feel somewhat guilty and on the verge of tears for not sending her off with the usual hug and kiss.  But I'm just so frustrated.  She has been in constant meltdown mode since she came home from Florida yesterday.  And apparently, there were also issues with her behavior while she was in Florida.  The child just is not happy.
Perhaps it's time to consider professional help for her?  Is she really becoming that much more aware, at her age, that she is a little different than her peers?  And it's affecting her self-esteem? I know she is very much aware that her left foot is different and she points it out to others.  But if she's embarrassed, then why does she point out her foot?  And she is becoming more aware that not every kid her age goes to therapies, wears AFOs or wrist splints, or limps.  Could this be part of Jackie's problem?  Now, Jackie has always been a crier.  She's been a challenge from day one of her life.  But, gee, what is the deal with her lately?  Now that she's getting older and should be getting out of the daily crying phase, she is now on the prowl for something to cry about.  She must keep up her daily ritual of crying.
I'm frustrated.  I couldn't wait for that bus to show up this morning so that I could have a somewhat quiet day.  Hopefully, Ben will be pleasant today so we can run errands after his speech therapy.  And I need to get a work-out in sometime after 3 days of nothing.  Maybe I'm the one with the problem. 

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