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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ben's Bloodwork Today

This morning after Ben's speech therapy, I had to take Ben to get the first of 2 blood tests.  We had to to go the Scott AFB lab for the FISH test.  The other chromosome test will be performed at a children's hospital in St. Louis.  Ben and I arrived at the lab for the FISH test.  Apparently, there was some confusion at the lab about which bodily fluid was to be tested.  The original form from the pediatrician's office (not the developmental pediatrician who originally ordered the test) stated the FISH test was for amniotic fluid.   Amniotic fluid?!  What the heck?  This is a 2-year old boy, not a pregnant female, who is being tested.  Ugh, I just don't understand why the peds office couldn't just approve both of the tests to be performed at the children's hospital.  So, we had to wait for the correction to be done.  Then there was confusion about which tube to collect the blood in.  Gah!  Finally, the confusion about everything was settled and Ben was called to the back to get his blood drawn.  I thought for certain that I was going to be in for a fight and was hoping that all this personal training that I've been doing would pay off.  Because the boy is strong and does NOT like to be held down for anything.  So, after verifying my ID and patient information, the lab technicians got to work trying to find a good vein.  They helped me position Ben in my lap with my legs crossing over his and me holding his free arm across his body.  Ben balked at this at first but then when he saw the needle, he immediately went still and just watched while I looked away.  The lab technician pierced Ben's skin and he did NOT even flinch.  Whoa, I had to look to see for myself that the needle was in Ben's arm.  I was just so proud of Ben.  Unfortunately, the technician could not get the needle into his vein so she removed it and decided to let the other technician try on the other arm.  By this point, Ben was starting to get slightly agitated but when the needle went into his other arm, he again went still and just stared.  Ben just blew me away with how still and quiet he was.  Thankfully, the second attempt was successful and the blood started to flow immediately into the vial.  Ben must have thought that was the coolest thing.  He just seemed so amazed by it all.  The technicians were very impressed with how well Ben did.  I'm just so proud of my boy.  I promised him a special treat for being so good.  As soon as we got home, Ben was rewarded with a bowl of ice-cream.  And yes, that is a special treat for the kids in this household.  They usually don't get ice-cream unless they eat all or most of their dinner.  So Ben enjoyed his ice-cream and now he is sitting on the couch watching his favorite TV station, Sprout.  So far, today has been another great day with Ben. 
As much as I miss my little girl, I am kind of enjoying the quieter and less messy atmosphere for now.

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