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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Weird is Out at Walmart Tonight

Lately, I loathe Walmart.  I try to avoid going there, especially at night when the weirdness seems to prevail.  So tonight, I had to go to Walmart to get Jackie her soccer stuff and to try to get the school supplies that I've been trying to purchase.  I just cannot find the list of supplies for Jackie's school so tonight, I was so fed up that I just decided to get whatever I think will be on the list. 
As I walked into the store and grabbed a cart, I noticed this person in front of me who was dressed a little... hmm... oddly?  She (or so, I though it was she) had on this flowing back fairy like skirt with points on the bottom, a top with another shirt underneath, tights, and tennis shoes.  In addition, she (or he?) had on all this costume jewelry, a headband with a big bow, and had a blue powder (maybe eyeshadow?) coating all of the area around each eye.  S/He looked to be an older person.  So I grabbed a cart and took off to find everything I went there for.  Less than 5 minutes later, I encounter this individual again.  On the other side of the store!
Okay, so I grab the stuff I need and then I went to the frozen section to get something that Tim requested.  Then I headed to the checkout. As I'm checking out, I kept hearing a clicking noise and I turned to look behind me.  Lo and behold, there was the fairy lady.  Paying for her (his?) stuff.  I couldn't help but quietly tell the cashier that the weird really comes out at night and she nodded in agreement and said "uhhh huhhhh"  Then I just motioned toward the person behind me and the cashier just chuckled and held her head down for a moment before gathering her composure enough to give me my receipt.  Then the cashier told me that it was actually a man.  Are you kidding me?!  Oh, my.  The cashier couldn't help but chuckle at me and she kept "reassuring" me that yes, indeed, it was a man.  A man! In that fairy outfit. Apparently this person goes to that Walmart all the time, at night, and dresses oddly like that.  The cashier informed me that this person goes by the name Susan Stone and also has another alias referring to a dancer. 
Well, I guess that isn't as bad as what I witnessed over a year ago at the the other Walmart. I was shopping with both kids and was heading down a middele aisle to head toward the registers.  All of a sudden, this person comes out from a side aisle at full speed and only stopped with he reached his cart.  It was a funny scene until I noticed something a little off.  It was then that I noticed that this man was wearing a pink women's sweater and it was obvious that he was wearing a bra underneath.  A bra that looked as if it was stuffed with tissue paper.  It was definitely a rookie attempt at being a woman.  He also had on a  pair of jeans and a pair of women's short heel shoes.  But, he had a male hair cut with a slight mustache.  Another customer heading the opposite direction of me asked me at the same time as I asked her "did I just see correctly?" Then we each nodded in affirmation and went our own ways.  It was a strange sight.  I guess the man just couldn't decide which side he wanted to be on.  

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