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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Tattooed, Bearded Lady

Well, maybe not bearded, but she did have purple in her hair.
After Jackie's physical therapy appointment this afternoon, I decided to take Jackie to the local cosmetology school to get her hair cut.  We got there and there was a 10-minute wait.  While waiting, I noticed one of the stylists had a lot of tattoos, pretty much covering her body, and from a distance, it looked like her lower lip was sort of deformed on the right side.  Deformities don't bother me but I don't care for heavy tattoos.  Being the prude that I am, I sat there hoping that this person would not be the next available stylist.
Well, just as my luck would have it, this live canvas was the next available stylist and came and called for Jackie.  When Jackie realized who was going to cut her hair, she tried to hide her face.  I think Jackie was a bit intimidated at first.  But I just followed Jackie and tried to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary in an effort to get Jackie to relax.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that this deformity that I mentioned above was not a deformity after all.  It was actually a metal hoop through her lower left lip with a metal stud right next to it.  I don't understand why it was just on one side.  It just looked really lopsided without a matching set on the right side.  Plus, she had a hoop going through her nose.  I don't even understand the purpose of all of that except to say "to each his/her own."
Now having said all that, I am not against tattoos or piercings.  I personally don't care for tattoos and I refuse to let Tim get a tattoo.  Any time he has brought it up, I threaten to get my hair dyed blond which usually brings an end to the discussion.  I really don't mind some piercings but I prefer ones that don't bring attention.  I have the typical pierced ears plus I have a piercing on the upper right ear.  I like my piercing and it doesn't draw attention.  I had also considered getting a tiny nose piercing, much like what the Indian women get.  I've always thought those were cute but small enough that it wouldn't draw attention.  I was all set to get it done but the morning that I was going to have it done, Jackie started crying on the way to school begging me to not get it done.  Jackie wasn't just crying, she was sobbing.  So I decided against the nose piercing.  So one of my friends suggested that I get the navel piercing but I just don't care for that kind of piercing.
I mentioned that I am not against piercings but there has to be a limit.  Plus, I don't care for those that draw attention.  So, rest assure, you'll never see me with a hoop in my eyelid/brow, lip, nose, neck, forehead, chest, and other unmentionable places.  Now that (unmentionable places), makes me shudder.

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