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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sexual IQ Part Deux

Okay, so tonight I had a lot of things to take care of before I and the kids (along with our neighbor Cindy and her girls)  leave tomorrow morning for our trip to Holiday World.  One of those things that I needed to take care of was bills.  I am the one who takes care of the bills and I do most of them online.  So, I opened up our cell phone bill and noticed that it was about $20 more than normal again this month.  Last month, I figured that it was more than usual because I had gone over my texting limit.  So this month I take a closer look and discover that there was a monthly subscription added to our bill for $19.99 a month for purchasing ringtones.  Really?!  Ringtones for $20 a month?  You have got to be kidding me?  I know for a fact that I never purchased this.  Plus, it was being billed on Tim's cell phone number.  Now I need to explain something.  For one, Tim rarely uses his phone or even carries it with him.  And two, he has no clue how to do stuff, other than dial, on the cell phone.  So, I knew something was seriously wrong here.  Unless Tim, or even Ben, was playing around with the phone and accidentally ordered some sort of service, there was no way we would order something as dumb as that.
I called AT&T to inquire about this charge and the representative on the phone explained that it was actually being billed by a third party going by the name of Flycell.  Hmm,  Flycell?  I explained that I have no clue what this company is about and that I never ordered anything via any cell phone on our plan.  I also explained that I know for a fact that Tim did not place an order because he virtually has no cell phone skills.  The rep looked up when the order was placed and voila, it was placed on June 16, the very same day that my awesome husband placed a text to a strange number. That episode ended up with Tim receiving 2 texts in a row asking what his Sexual IQ was.  Although I was more than a bit annoyed by this, I also poked fun at it in the story I posted on this blog on June 16.  Go check it out, you might learn a lesson about... hmm... well,  I'll just be nice and leave it at that.
So anyway,  I then realized why we are receiving this charge.  Well, I continued to play dumb with the rep and he told me that he heard a rumor that sometimes the third parties who activate the phones (ie. Radio Shack, Walmart, etc) automatically bill for ringtone subscriptions.  Uh huh.  Okay, I didn't dare say a word.  The rep looked at our account and was able to credit us for those past 2 months that we were charged for this subscription.  And? He offered to put a stop feature on that cell phone to prevent any purchases of any type of media unless a PIN is used.  Of course, I told the rep I most definitely wanted that feature on that phone.  Wow, if only I had known about prior to June 16 and we could have avoided this mess before it even started.
Hmm, I was just wondering, is there really such a thing as Sexual IQ?  After all, there is Emotional IQ, Musical IQ, Social IQ; you-name-it, there's an IQ.  I wonder if there is a common sense IQ?

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