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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Fun

Jackie had her second soccer game today.  Her game is not until 11:00.  One of Jackie's teammates, M, has a brother who plays at 9:00 and since we live just next door to where the games are held, I offered M's parents to let M come over to play with Jackie before our game starts.  Last week, M, sat through 2 hours of games in the heat and by the time our game started, M was not in the best of moods. Unfortunately, M ended up not playing in our game.  So, I talked to her mom and suggested that she just come to my house and play with Jackie until game time.  Jackie and M get along very well and they enjoyed playing together this morning.  We headed over to the field when it was our time to play.  I really enjoyed having M at our house and her parents were very appreciative.

The soccer game this morning went much better than last week but we are still a bit disorganized.  I blame part of that on the fact that the other assistant coach is not much of a team player right now.  I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel.  I try to follow the format that would like us to follow but the other coach just wants to do things his way.  It's funny how he will just sort of stand to the side while I try to coach the children while following the weekly format.  That is, until about 15 minutes pass and then he jumps in and says, "no no no, this is how we're going to do it."  Plus, being my own daughter's coach has not been the best experience.  I think Jackie would respond so much better to somebody else.  However, she did try hard at the game this morning although I can tell that she gets a little scared out there on the field when the other players converge on her when she has the ball.  But all in all, our team did very well this morning for 5-year olds.

After the game, Ben went with his dad to run errands while I took Jackie with me to go for lunch and shopping.  After finishing lunch, Jackie and I found a few good bargains at JCPenney.  We also went to check out a new store called Crazy 8.  It's an okay store and they had some cute things.  I bought Jackie 2 pairs of cute socks.  Jackie is really starting to act older and more sassy.  I bought a pair of shoes at one of the shoe stores.  I let Jackie pick out this roll of candy there at the counter.  While I was paying, Jackie kept trying to reach for more of the candy and other stuff and just nonchalantly placing with my other intended purchases.  The cashiers got a kick out of Jackie and they both started chuckling.  That embarrassed Jackie and she tried to hide behind me.  After we left, Jackie told me that she didn't like that those ladies laughed at her.  Of course, they really weren't laughing at her, they were just laughing about how cute she was. 

We made our way to Dillard's where they were having a fantastic sale.  I've been looking for another sports bra.  Since losing weight, I have also lost inches on top but unfortunately, I have difficulty finding my size in bras.  I am now down to a 32 and letters.  I'm not naming the letters but just suffice it to say that I am a rare size, more rare than previously.  I did find a very nice sports bra that I liked but it was just too loose around.  I tried another new type on but it just did not fit right.  Plus, I thought it was weird that it had an underwire. I just don't like the idea of underwire for a sports bra.  I had no luck finding a sports bra in my size. But I have a Jackie funny to share.  As I was putting the bras back on the rack, Jackie came up to me and held out this pretty pink bra and said "Mommy, I need this."  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  She was so serious, too.  Poor thing can't wait to wear a bra like her mommy.  That sort of reminds me of a story from last year.  I first should say that I'm quite busty but I was even more so last year.  It was around May of last year when Jackie walked in on me while I was changing clothes in my bedroom.  I was just getting my bra on when Jackie pointed up at my bosom and said, "Mommy, when I get bigger, I'm going to go to the store so I can get bigger ones of those so I can feed my baby."  I just about fell to the floor in laughter.  She was just so serious. Hopefully, Jackie will not get anywhere near as large as I have gotten.  But unfortunately, between me and her paternal grandmother, there is a good chance that will happen.  I am NOT happy that I have the largest breasts in my entire family.  I have no clue where I got those dang genes from.  My only guess is it came from my paternal side of the family of which I know nothing about because Mother still refuses to divulge any information.

So, today has been a great day.  Jackie is going to spend the night tonight with her friend, B, who lives just 3 doors down from us.  She is so excited.  I need to go get her bathed and fed so that I can get her out the door as soon as they call.

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Josh and Kristi said...

Send me a note! I have a great site for buying bras... in... um, special sizes :o)
Soccer for kids is so hard! It's almost always organized chaos for a few years. hang in there. Upward is a GREAT program. I believe it's really great for kids especially at that age... so stick with the program. Ask your assistant -- away from others... even in an email, if he/she can be more helpful in THESE ways and remind him/her you're trying to utilize the program's benefits and way of doing things!!