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Friday, August 20, 2010

Leave My Sweet Tea ALONE!

I hate it when a certain little person in this household sneakily sucks down my McD's sweet iced tea.  Tonight was no exception.

So my day started off great.  I got Jackie up for school, got her fed, she got dressed, and I got her out the door to catch the bus.  Jackie was in a good mood and wanted to walk to the bus stop early.  After Jackie got on the bus, Ben and I walked back to the house where we hung out until it was time to leave for the Y for my appointment with the personal trainer.

Just as I arrived for the appointment,  I ran into the mother of one of Jackie's former classmates from Zion Lutheran preschool.  I have not seen Beth since May and she immediately commented on how great I was looking.  I shared with her what I had been doing with personal training and zumba.  Then I walked a few laps with the neighbor, C, to warm up before my training session.  C has been inspired by the positive physical changes in me so I invited her to watch my session for a few minutes.

Misti, the trainer, had me do a few new things today.  We worked on legs and some back/chest exercises.  Of course, Misti, had me start with the standard dreaded burpees (15).  Side lunges (20 each side) and squat/step jump/squat, and running followed the burpees.  I had to do three cycles.  Then we moved on to working on the back/chest exercises.  I was still sore from last Monday's session but it was a great session and I left there feeling very confident that I was doing the right thing for myself.  Until now, there had been moments where I felt like giving up because it does get hard and it gets painful at times.  But the encouragement that I've received along with the kind compliments have made this all worthwhile.  So guess what?  Since I have just one more session left with Misti, I went all out and signed up for another 30 session.  Thirty!  With Misti! That's 2 1/2 times as many sessions than what I am just now finishing up. We won't discuss costs, though.  Just know that it's nowhere near the amount that Tim's hobbies, including his newly purchased Giant bike, cost.  I am determined and  I am going to continue to work my body back into shape and hopefully back into my pre-pregnancy, better yet, pre-marriage clothing size.  Now if only I can find a way to get beyond these shin splints.

After Jackie arrived home from school, I went back to the Y for Zumba.  That was another great workout today.  After getting back home, I took the kids to get them something to eat.  Jackie chose McDonald's.  I know, not the most healthy, but it's Friday, Tim's not home, and I didn't feel like cooking.  So off to McDonald's where I also ordered a sweet iced tea. For myself.  Being the southern girl that I am, I love my sweet iced tea.  No unsweet for me.  And being that we now live in the good old Midwest, very few places around here sell real, brewed sweet tea.  McDonald's is one of the few places here where I can buy a real BREWED SWEET iced tea.   Okay, so I ordered everything to go and once we got home, I got the kids set at the table with their respective meals.  Jackie had ordered a cheeseburger and apple dippers.  And Jackie knows that in order to get an after dinner snack, she must eat all of her dinner.  While the kids ate, I sipped my tea and I got the dogs fed in their separate eating stations.  I warned Jackie that if she left the table, she must put her food on the counter away from the edge lest Lucy, the mutt, help herself to it on the table.  I went to the family room to tend to a few things. I checked on the kids and by this time, Jackie had eaten half of her cheeseburger.  She asked for a snack and I reminded her of the rule about finishing dinner first.  Then a few moments later, Jackie appeared next to me on the couch.  I asked her if she put her cheeseburger on the counter.  She got up and looked into the eating nook and out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Jackie had a slightly worried look.  She stepped further into the eating nook and then came back and told me that she finished her dinner.  Yeah, right.  I knew immediately what happened.  The dog helped herself to it.  So I told Jackie that because she 1) disobeyed by not placing her uneaten food on the counter before leaving the table, 2) she didn't finish her dinner before leaving the table, and 3) she lied to me, she was not going to get her snack. Jackie immediately collapsed into a meltdown.  Oh no, I'm not giving in.  Yes, I know she's tired from a very long day at school but she was not going to get away with disobeying and with lying to me.  And Lucy, the dog?  Well, she joined Dugan in jail.

I told Jackie to get ready for bed but since she was not willing to cooperate, I had to assist her in getting dressed.  While doing so, Jackie swung around and slapped me.  Intentionally.  And it hurt.  Tired or not, this little girl was not getting away with this one.    So, I smacked her bare bum, put her clothes on, brushed her teeth, and put her in bed.  Oh, and somewhere in the midst of her meltdown, Jackie told me that she hated me. I said a quick prayer with her, quickly hugged her, got up, turned the light out, and told her that I love her even if she hated me.  Whew!  I need my sweet tea.  NOW!  Where is it?  Oh, it's in the kitchen.  Where I put it in a safe place.  Or so I thought.

I went to the kitchen to go get my much needed sweet tea fix.  I picked it up.  Hmm, it felt very light.  I take a sip, or at least, I tried to take a sip.  Nothing was coming out.  I took the lid off.  Dang it!  That little creep boy sucked down my tea while I was tending to his sister.  And I had it out of his reach because this little creep boy is infamous for sneaking anything sweet, including my sweet tea that is off limits to everybody.  I DON'T share my sweet iced tea.  I was mad.  I wanted my tea.  NOW!  Okay, do I get the cantankerous little girl and the creep little boy into the car to get another sweet tea.  Oh , how tempting.  But oh, I was ready for a break from these kids.  The break won.  So, I high-tailed it to Ben's room where he was playing by this time, with his belly full of MY sweet iced tea.  I grabbed him up and got a clean pull-up on him, brushed his teeth and put him to bed.  I didn't even put pajamas on him.  I just left his t-shirt on.  I was mad.  I shut the door and locked it.  He cried, I fumed. He cried some more, I fumed some more.  I wanted my tea.  And I wanted it even more because the little creep boy stole my tea.  Because NOBODY messes with my sweet iced tea.  The entire half-hour episode nearly brought me over the edge after such a great day.  All because of my beloved McD's sweet iced tea.  Perhaps I need rehab.

Well, I was still fuming even after the kids were in bed.  I started cleaning like a mad woman.  Well, I was a mad woman.  Literally. And I texted my friend, Lisa, who was planning to come over with a bottle of wine for us to share after the kids were in bed.  I was going to ask her to pick me up another McD's sweet iced tea.  She had just left the movie theater with her son and his friends and she was dead-beat tired. She is a teacher and school started this past week. I totally understood how tired she was and gave her a pass to stay home and get some sleep.  She let me vent about the events during that bad half-hour.  I just love my friend, Lisa, to pieces.  By the time we ended our conversation, I was a happier camper.

Sometime after talking to Lisa, I went to check on Ben who had been screaming, yelling, and kicking the walls and door in his quest to be let out of jail.  Here is how I found him:
Sometime during my episode with the kids, I must have offered my kids on Facebook to any takers.  With the dogs included.  Well, I would have had plenty of takers.  Until the potential adopters noticed the blurb about the McD's sweet tea thief.  Darn, Ben! You're already causing problems outside the household.  Nobody wants a McD's sweet tea thief around.  See, they'd rather have a dog who steals cheeseburgers.

Now, I do love my kids, I really do. And as difficult as it is oftentimes, I do feel so very fortunate to have the privilege of being their mom. 
Just. Leave. My. Tea. Alone!

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