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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jackie's First Plane Trip

As I write this, Jackie and her dad will be arriving anytime at Tampa International Airport.  Jackie was so excited to be taking a plane ride to Florida to visit her grandparents.  It all started when Jackie kept begging to see her grandparents.  With our trip to California and Tim being out of town a lot this Summer, I never found the time to take Jackie to Florida to see the grandparents.  So, Tim offered to take Jackie down since he had a voucher from Southwest Airlines that will expire in October.  So Tim arranged to take an extra long Labor day weekend.  Then we made the reservations for this evening with the return trip on Labor Day.  Jackie was so excited.  I was excited for her.  Until this day arrived.  Then I became very nervous.  Nervous that something might go wrong with the plane, nervous that Jackie would freak out, worried that Jackie's ears would hurt on take-off and/or landing.  I'm having anxiety because I've never been apart from my baby girl this long.  The longest that I've spent away from her is 2 nights.  I'm also very anxious about Jackie's time with my parents.  I just have to hope that Jackie won't frustrate her mimi and poppy too much.  Jackie will spend 2-3 nights with them before she joins her dad at his mother's house. 
I picked up Jackie from school today at dismissal time and headed home to wait for Tim to get home.  Ben, seeing the suitcases, grabbed his little suitcase, too.  He grabbed a few cars and placed them inside the suitcase.  I guess that's all that matters when you're just 2 years old.  Pull-ups, clothing, and shoes are low on the totem pole. When Tim put his and Jackie's suitcases in the car, Ben insisted that his suitcase would go in the car, too. No way was he about to be left behind. We just went along with it.  Ben was so excited to be going on a trip.  A trip to nowhere, that is. 
We headed toward the airport.  The anxiety started to grow the closer we got to the airport.  It took everything in me to hold back the tears.  I don't know why I was so worried.  Gee, at least I'm not the one having to deal with Jackie meltdowns for the next 6 days.  Well, I know one reason I was worried and that is that I just know that despite the fact that I matched up outfits for Jackie, nobody is going to abide by that.  Mother (and Tim) is challenged when it comes to matching up colors and clothes.  But I just need to let it go for the next few days.  It isn't as if I'm going to see Jackie in person anyway even if she is mismatched.  And if Mother or Tim does allow Jackie to wear mismatched clothes, I can only hope that nobody down there will recognize her. 
Once we arrived at the airport, Tim got his and Jackie's suitcases out of the car trunk and then he closed the trunk.  Ben was nonplussed. He hissed.  He moaned.  We told him that he didn't need his suitcase because he was staying with mommy.  Oh no, he was not having it.  So, we grabbed his suitcase out of the trunk and away Ben went toward the terminal.  He was determined that he was going to go on this trip.  Again, we just went along with it.  And of course, several onlookers thought it was just the cutest thing to see this 2-year old pulling his own little blue & yellow ladybug suitcase.  In fact, Tim and I thought it was rather cute, too.  We went to the check-in counter so Tim could get his and Jackie's boarding passes.  While Tim was doing that, Ben proceeded to place his suitcase on the scale.  It weighed a grand total of 4 pounds.  The lady at the counter got such a kick out of Ben after I explained why his suitcase was so light.  After getting the boarding passes, we went to the USO to hang out for a bit before it was time to go through security.  At the USO, you have to check in your bags until you leave.  Ben was so funny.  He kept going over to make sure his suitcase was still there.  I knew I was in for a real struggle with him when it was time to say goodbye to daddy and Jackie.  By the time the kids finished up their little snack, it was time to get in the security line.  Ben eagerly grabbed his suitcase and followed his daddy to the security line.  After giving Jackie and Tim hugs and kisses, I told Ben it was time to go and he immediately went into meltdown mode.  He tried to get in the line with his daddy.  I had to pick him and even then he was not letting go of that dang suitcase.  Ben put up such a fight and of course, people were watching and some were even chuckling.  Ben could be heard throughout the entire terminal.  After a few minutes, I was able to calm Ben a little but he was still not a happy boy.  We finally got back to the car.  Almost the entire drive home, Ben's behavior made it very apparent that he was not happy with this current arrangement.  How dare daddy take sissy and not Ben?  How dare they go on a trip without Ben?  And even now, Ben's behavior is evidence that he may still be a tad angry that he was left behind. 
Hmm, after this week is over and everybody is back home, I may dare to go on a trip all by myself.  Anybody care to join me?

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Hollie said...

I'm sorry you are having that anxiety. My 13 yr old goes to Texas every summer to see her family over there. It started when she was just 4. I remember being so upset I cried and cried. I was so worried about her and then I missed her. My parents always took me out to eat after she left...mostly so I could get something to drink....a margarita does nicely. he he. much as you miss them, the time away is always appreciated. It's so much nicer to take care of less children. For a little while anyway.