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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jackie's First Full Day of School

Jackie's first full day of school was today.  She was so excited about riding the school bus this morning.  She was so cute.  Since our stop is the first one on the route, Jackie had her choice of seats.  As soon as she got on the bus, she and her new friend sat in the very first row and both of the girls looked out and started blowing kisses, Jackie to me, and her new friend to her dad.  They looked so happy and giggly.  It tickled me for some reason.  As challenging as she is, I just love my little girl so much. 
Soon after I got Jackie on the bus, Ben's occupational therapist arrived followed by his speech therapist an hour later.  As soon as Ben's therapies were done, we stopped by Jackie's school to pay her fees.  From there we went to the mall where I wanted to treat Ben to Chick-Fil-A. I parked outside the Macy's store.  I had no intention of shopping there, though, until I saw that they had a fantastic sale going on.  I ended up paying just $73 for $352 worth of clothing for Ben and Jackie.  I also got $31 worth of items for just $7.  I was so excited about the savings.  Jackie and Ben are pretty much set for this Fall/Winter's clothing and even some for next Spring/Summer.  On top of that, a couple of weeks ago, Jackie go a huge bag full of clothing from her good friend, A.  A wears nothing but Gymboree, so Jackie got some very nice outfits that I can't wait for her to wear.  
After doing that little it of shopping, I finally got Ben his meal from Chick-fil-A and he promptly at all of his chicken nuggets and some fries.  He was a hungry boy today. 
Jackie's bus did not arrive home today until nearly 4:00.  This was a long day for her.  School starts at 8:30 and gets out at 3:00.  Now, we live just @ 5 minutes from the school but it took nearly an hour for her to get home.  There a couple of reasons for that.  One reason is that the buses take the middle school kids home first (they also get out at 3:00), then the buses go over to the elementary school and take those kids home.  I don't understand why Whiteside schools don't stagger their schedules so that the elementary kids aren't stuck waiting in a gym for a half hour.  Perhaps one of the schools could start and end a half hour earlier than the other school.
The other reason the bus arrives late is because somebody in the state of Illinois decided that it was the right time to start repairing roads on the first day of school.  The construction is supposed to last through November and the entire stretch of Lebanon Avenue is being repaired.  I would like to know who made that asinine decision to start now.  Why couldn't it be done during the Summer when most kids are not in school and teachers are having to drive to school.  It is a huge mess now.  It was not like that the day before school started.  I want so much to just go ahead and pick Jackie up but I promised that I would let her ride the bus except for when she has an appointment or for any reason that requires us to be somewhere at a specific time that conflicts with bus schedules. 
Tomorrow is going to be another long day for Jackie.  It will take a few weeks for her to get adjusted to it.  I can tell that Ben misses having his sissy around but pretty soon, he will be busy playing with other kids as I return to substitute teaching in a few weeks.  

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