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Monday, August 23, 2010

Jackie Got Off to a Great Start This Week, NOT!

But all is well now.
Jackie was up bright and early this morning because she is just so excited to go to school.  So, after she ate breakfast and got dressed, we made our way to the bus stop so Jackie could ride the bus to school.  I swear, that's the highlight of Jackie's day.
After Jackie got on the bus, I went back to the house to get Ben fed and changed.  Then he and I just hung out for awhile before I planned to run a few errands.  Then the phone rang and I could see that it was Jackie's school.  Oh no! Was she sick already?!  So I immediately picked up the phone and the nurse immediately reassured me that Jackie was okay but that she had an accident.  An accident?  The nurse explained that Jackie had the type of accident that was going to require a bath.  Oh boy, what a way to start the week Jackie.  So, Ben and I went to pick up Jackie where she was waiting in the office.  At first, I thought that maybe it wasn't as bad as the nurse made it seem because I didn't smell anything and I didn't see anything on her clothes.  But, just in case, I brought a towel to put on her car seat and placed her there for the ride home.
My heart melted a bit when Jackie commented that she didn't want to tell me what happened because she thought I was going to be "really MAD at me."  Poor thing probably didn't tell her teacher, either, for fear that Mrs. Gain would also be mad.  So instead, she tried her best to sit until it started to irritate her.
But after I got home and got Jackie bathed, Jackie asked to go back to school because they were having sausage pizza for lunch and she wanted to eat lunch there.  Sausage pizza?  Really?  Gross! But I readily agreed as it would be so much easier to run errands with just one kid in tow.  And she wasn't running a fever or acting ill.   So back to school she went where the secretary reassured me that this type of thing happens all the time.  For Jackie, it was one of 2 things because she is very much potty trained and never has bowel accidents.  She was either very nervous today or it was due to her constipation/bladder issue.  I think it was the latter.  So now I'll have to email Jackie's teacher to explain how important it is for Jackie to have frequent restroom trips and to allow her to keep a water bottle close by.  Part of her constipation issue is due to not drinking enough water.
After dropping Jackie off at school, Ben and I ran a couple of errands.  Ben is so much easier to deal with when his sister is not around.  Unfortunately, that is just fact.  One of our errands included a side trip to Walmart for a handful of items. Ben was being a little too helpful by putting extra items in the cart and when I put the items back, Ben balked and started to act out.  So, I promised him a donut from the bakery if he behaved.  We went to pick out his donut and he understood that he was not allowed to have it until we got home, provided that he was good throughout the store.  And he did a great job.  He walked right next to the cart the entire time until he decided he wanted to ride.  I paid for our stuff and headed home where Ben scarfed down his hard-earned donut.

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