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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday World 2010

This past Monday and Tuesday, the kids and I enjoyed Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.  It was sort of a last minute trip with our neighbor and her 2 girls, plus C's friend, MA.  I'm going to be sweet about C's friend and say that I hope she doesn't join us for anything like this again.  Having said that, though, MA was great with my kids, especially Ben who seemed to take a real liking to MA. 
Holiday World is a great family oriented amusement park and water park.  There is something there for everyone of any age in both parks.  There are so many nice things about Holiday World including free parking, affordable concessions, free fountain drinks and sunscreen all day, and the admission is somewhat affordable, especially considering that the admission price includes entry to both the water park and the amusement park.  Another nice thing is that the kid rides are throughout the park instead of in one specific location.  That way, the entire family can enjoy visiting around the park instead of having to hang out in one kid area with the little ones. 
We spent the majority of the first day at the amusement park with a short visit to the water park.  After leaving the park that evening, we headed to the hotel in Jasper where we reserved adjoining rooms.  We got checked in and got into our rooms.  Within five minutes of getting into the rooms, we received a phone call from the front desk that the occupants below us were complaining about the noise.  Oops.  It was hard to contain the 3 younger kids.  So we got them all into their swimsuits and took them down to the pool.
The next day, Tuesday, we spent have the day at the amusement park and half the day at the water park.  Jackie kept asking if she could go on some of the bigger water rides.  I kept putting her off and telling her that she was too little.  Jackie is quite observant.  While watching the people coming down on the tall racer slides, she kept excitedly pointing out all the other little kids coming down.  I knew Jackie was not going to give up until I showed her proof that she was too small.  So, off we went to the measuring station for the slides.  My heart sank when it showed that Jackie just barely made it for the height requirement.  I couldn't help but ask myself if there was a weight restriction, too.  I just did not want my little girl to go up there.  I was scared to think of what could happen to her.  I mean, you have to go down these slides on a mat, head first and on your belly.  And with Jackie's weak left side, I just was not too sure that she could hang onto the handles well.  Cindy offered to take Jackie up there with herself and her younger daughter, T.  I really wanted to cry.  My little girl is growing up and she's so brave.  I watched for Jackie to come down and when she finally did, my heart just burst with pride for my little girl.  The lifeguard gave me permission to go help Jackie bring her mat in as it was obvious she was struggling with it.  Later on, I took Jackie down one of the tube rides with me and she loved that one, too.  I think we have a budding ride enthusiast on our hands.  Except for the log flume.  She did not like that one. 
The water park closes an hour before the amusement park closes.  I took the kids to one of the kid sections so they could enjoy a few more rides.  Ben especially seemed to enjoy the little rides.  So much, that when the rides stopped promptly at 7:30, he kicked and screamed when I took him off that last ride.  Then he promptly sat himself down on the ground, crossed his arms, put a pouty face on, and waved "goodbye" to us.  Heheh. We were eventually able to convince Ben that it was time to go.  We spent one more night at the hotel before we headed home today.
I am so proud of my kids and C's kids.  They behaved so well during the entire trip and I truly enjoyed the time with them.  I just with my kids would have such good behavior at least half the time here at home. 

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