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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ben's Middle of the Night Escapade

I just don't get this boy.  Several times in the past several weeks, Ben wakes up and decides that it's time to stay awake for a couple of hours.  He wants food, he wants to play, he wants to sit on the couch and watch TV.  He's only 2 1/2 years old, dang it!
Okay, so maybe last night was partially my fault.  I didn't get Ben into bed until after 9:30 pm. Busy day = late dinner, therefore late dinner =  late bedtime.  After the kids were in bed, I set about cleaning up the house a bit.  I also finished my good ol' sweet iced tea from McDonald's. Big mistake.  After finishing up some cleaning, I sat down and watched Animal Hoarders.  Such a sad thing, by the way, when these people think that's their only purpose in life and the end result is never nice.
So the tea kept me from falling asleep.  I don't know why I even went to bed finally, because the nightmare began as soon as I laid my head on the pillow.  First, I had to punch Tim to stop his snoring, then the hamster started running furiously in his wheel (he's just in my room temporarily), then the Aussie started whining to be let out of jail.  I got up, moved the hamster back to his original location, told Dugan to shut up and go to sleep, then laid back down in bed.  I was right on the edge of sleep when I heard the unmistakable sound of toddler boy feet running toward our room.  AAGGHHHH.  No!  By this time it was after 3 am.  So, I put Ben in bed between me and Tim.
I don't do well when too many people are in bed.  I actually prefer to sleep by myself.  Bad wife, I know but I've never really liked to share my bed.  Okay, so Ben kept moving around and at one point, he kept trying to pull the comforter up. Finally, I get up, grab Ben and carry him to his room and put him back in his bed.  I knew that I better lay with him until he fell asleep lest he come back to our room and wake up Tim who had to get up early for work.  So, like a good mom, I laid in Ben's bed with him.  I felt trapped, those darn bed rails.  Finally, back on the cusp of sleep, I feel Ben moving and when he stopped, I realized that he was curled up at my feet like a cat.  What is up with that?  Finally he got back up beside me but just as soon as he did, he climbed back out of the bed.  Ugh!  He absolutely refused to get back into bed.  I figured since it was dark and the TV was not on, he will eventually get the idea that it is SLEEP TIME and get back in bed.  Nobody was going to join him in his party.
Within a few moments, Ben came back and kept patting me on my arm and saying "mum" and flogging me with a pair of underwear.  So, I get up and investigate and realize that Ben had taken off his nighttime pull-up.  I found it over by the toilet where it appears that he tried to go potty but didn't quite make it. And he tried to put dry underwear on.  And he wanted a reward for that.  No way, kiddo!  So, I get dry pants back on him and take him back to bed.  He proceeds to go to his toy organizer, still in the dark, and picks out toys for me to play with him.  I'm not sure what time it was but it had to be at least 4:00-4:30 am.  I tried to ignore Ben in the hopes that this tactic would work and it eventually did.  I don't even know what time Ben climbed back into bed but I think I was finally in slumberland when Ben did get back in bed.  I figured I would investigate whatever damage later morning.
Of course, Ben being the morning person that he is, was nice enough to let me sleep in a bit while he helped himself to low-fat cheese crackers.  Cheese crackers that he got from the pantry, the pantry that somebody forgot to lock this morning before leaving for work.  Thankfully, that was the only thing Ben helped himself to this morning and I didn't have a mess to clean up.
One lesson learned from this, though, is no McDonald's sweet tea at midnight.

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