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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bedtime Wars

My kids used to be easy to put to bed at night.  Not so much anymore.  I don't know what has happened in recent months.  I must admit, though, that I was a little more lax during the summer months but I still made an effort to get the kids into bed at a somewhat decent time.  Now, the kids reach for any excuse they can think of. "I'm thirsty".  Sorry kiddo, nothing to drink after 7:00.  "I want a snack."  Sorry, but that word is banned in this household (see previous post).  "I'm hungry." Sorry, but you should have eaten all of your dinner, then you can have snack.  "Ben is still up."  Don't worry, he's going to bed, too.  Now I'm just waiting for the conveniently "forgotten" homework excuse.  But hopefully, I have still have some time before that happens. 
With Ben, we switched around his doorknob so that the lock is on the outside. I know, I know.  It's cruel.  But I unlock the door as soon as I know the he's asleep.  Otherwise, I will be spending most of my evening taking Ben back to bed every time he comes out of his room.  As many of you know, being virtually a single parent, I really count on my little bit of alone time in the evenings. Hence, the importance for my kids to stay in their respective rooms. 
Last night, Tim put Ben to bed while I dealt with Jackie and her meltdown.  It was already way past their bedtime.  But that was my fault.  Jackie had a full night of activity starting with choir practice, then Awana.  After Awana, there was a watermelon social.  Then I had to stop and get something to eat for Tim and Ben, and of course, Jackie wanted to eat, too.  So by the time everyone finished eating and I brushed everyone's teeth brushed and changed into sleep clothes, it was well after 9:00.  It was nearly 9:30 by the time Jackie fell asleep.  But Ben?  Well, lately, Tim has been leaving the doorknob unlocked hoping that Ben will just stay in bed.  Fat chance.  Last night, Tim left the doorknob unlocked and went into our room to fold his laundry and watch TV. I was in the living room when I looked up and there is Ben, peeking around the corner in the little hallway that leads to his room.  Then he nonchalantly walks out and pulls his little chair up to the TV and sits down to watch.  Oh no, little buddy.  This is my time.  MY TIME!  At this point, Tim went into the kitchen and noticed Ben.  So, he went and picked up Ben, chair and all, and carried him to his room.  Now, I figured Tim would put Ben into his bed and just leave the chair in room.  And that's precisely what I thought he did.  I could hear Ben crying, screaming, kicking the door, kicking the wall in his quest to be let out of jail.  The nice mommy in me wanted to go to Ben's aid but the mean mommy in me got a grip and decided that it was best to let Ben stay in his room.  Once things quiet down, I usually check on the kids.  But last night, I got caught up in other things then I dozed off on the couch.  When I woke up and went to the bathroom, I noticed a gleam of light coming from Ben's room.  Why is his light on?  It's past midnight already.  I opened Ben's door and found him sleeping.  Sleeping in the very chair that his daddy carried him into his room in.  And?  The door had been unlocked. Ben could very easily have let himself out of jail (bedroom) without all that kicking and screaming and crying. 
Since Jackie got to bed a little late last night, I was worried that she would be very difficult to rouse this morning.  But surprisingly, she was okay to wake up.  She ate her yogurt and got dressed.  Everything was fine.  That is, until I put her AFO on her foot.  Then the meltdown started.  She doesn't want anybody to see her AFO or wrist splints or glasses.  Everything is such a fight lately.  I didn't give in to her and off to the bus stop we went where  a couple of the parents remarked about Jackie's AFO.  They kept raving how pretty it was and how they love butterflies, too.  And how they wish they had an AFO.  You know, I really, REALLY appreciate when people try to make Jackie feel better about these needs that she has.  Hopefully, Jackie will start being receptive to it.  Mean mommy here just wants to do what is best for her children but these meltdowns make it difficult to not give in and just let them do whatever they want.
Oh, and about the hitting incidents from last week?  I thought about it over the weekend and decided that I really should email Jackie's teacher and explain what Jackie told me.  I reassured Mrs. G that I don't want to appear to be an overprotective or over-reactive parent.  I also offered to let her borrow a certain book that I own to read to the Kindergarten classes.  The book is titled Puppies For Sale.  It is about being different due to a disability.  It's just a cute, short story but for me, it's a very moving book.  I bought it years ago not knowing at the time that I would one day have a child with special needs, albeit mild. 

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