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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weird Thing Happened This Morning

Okay, now I don't believe in ghosts but this latest situation has me questioning that belief, or disbelief. Last night, I picked up Jackie from VBS and after arriving home, I pulled the car into the garage and Jackie and I went inside. I never lock my car while it is in the garage since the garage is locked up everynight. I know, without a doubt, that when I came into the house last night, the car windows were rolled up, the car was unlocked, and the windows were unlocked. Another reason I know without a doubt is because as soon as I got out of the car, I had to rush inside to the bathroom before I wet my pants. Jackie was not quite out of the car at the time. I also had the car key with me.
So this morning, Ben had his occupational and speech therapies. As soon as the therapists left the house, we had to leave for Jackie's occupational therapy appointment in St. Louis. I gathered the kids, secured the dogs, and we headed out into the garage. As I went to put my stuff in the passenger side seat, I noticed that window was about a third of the way down. How odd, I thought. And the doors were locked. All of them. So, I unlocked the doors, put my stuff in the front passenger seat, then proceeded to open the back door to put Ben into his seat. Then I noticed that window was a third of the way down. Hmm. I looked across the car and noticed that the other two windows were a third of the way down, too. Now that raised a bit of concern but we had to get going so we wouldn't end up being late to Jackie's appointment. Jackie got into her seat. After I backed out of the garage, I went to roll the windows up and realized immediately that they were not moving. That's when I noticed that the security button for the windows was engaged to lock position. Now, I know that I did NOT roll any windows down, nor did I engage the window lock. I also did not lock up the car. It's even more weird that the windows were partway down with the doors locked but one could easily reach in and unlock. I thought that maybe somebody tried to steal my car but that was not possible. The garage was locked up last night, and the car keys were in the house. The keys are required to deliver power to the windows and locks.
With all of this in mind, it un-nerved me a little and I called Tim. I figured maybe Tim thought it would be nice to have the windows down a little to keep the car from getting too hot. But why would he lock it, too? It doesn't matter because Tim denied it and I really do believe him. He didn't have time to do all of that this morning, anyway. So, then I thought that maybe the neighbor was playing a cruel trick on me. After all, they know our garage code in case of emergency. But nope, nada. The wife was gone very early this morning for work and the husband was home with the kids. Plus, they don't have a copy of the car key.
So something weird was going on this morning and it has me just a little bit nervous. Okay, maybe not a little. A LOT!
Whatever it is, it has me a bit concerned.

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