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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation is Over! Some Closing Thoughts

Wow, that was some vacation. Well, if you don't count the Amtrak experience. After we left Flagstaff, AZ on Thursday morning, we headed toward home. It was so neat to see so much unspoiled, beautiful country. If we look on the bright side of the Amtrak experience, seeing so much beauty in the Grand Canyon and across the countryside as we drove home is something that we would have missed out on. Sure, we would have seen some beautiful country from the train but we would not have had the option to stop and explore.
On Thursday afternoon after we got into Albuquerque, Tim decided that he wanted to stop and eat at Rudy's, a unique BBQ restaurant that he had eaten at when he was deployed at Kirtland AFB a few years ago. After we enjoyed Rudy's, Tim took us over to the Old Town shopping area. That was a neat place with lots of shops selling Indian art, jewelry, crafts, etc. It seemed to be never-ending. I bought a couple of books and I got the each of the kids a little doll.
After getting back on the road, we drove until we reached Amarillo where we reserved a room for the night.
The next day was our final push toward home. It was a long drive but I think we did good timing considering that we slept through our alarms. We got on the road about an hour and a half past our planned departure time. We finally pulled into our driveway just a few minutes after 9PM.
Looking back over our trip, I have to say that this is THE best vacation that I have taken with the kids. Jackie is at the age now that she will have memories of going to the California, seeing the seals, visiting the Grand Canyon, etc.
Coronado was absolutely beautiful and I can understand why people flock there. Unfortunately, the sun did not shine bright most of our time there because we happened to be there during their June Gloom which went into July. It never got hot and the evenings and mornings were cool. Thankfully, I had packed lightweight Jackets for all of us. The weather was perfect for doing stuff like going out on the boat, visiting the zoo, watching the seals, visiting the tide pools, riding around Coronado, playing in the sand at the beach. It was all-around fun and enjoyable. I did NOT want to leave. If only we could afford the real estate.
I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel hot as we drove through Arizona and New Mexico. In fact, it was perfect temperature at the Grand Canyon and in Flagstaff. New Mexico was hot but it was very tolerable, at least for me. We were able to shop at Old Town in Albuquerque without feeling uncomfortable from the heat. Even Jackie didn't complain too much and she can't stand the heat.
The most difficult day was our last day on the road. Jackie's behavior was boorish and the kids kept fighting over toys and the DVD player. It was quite stressful and even though I was sad about the end of vacation, I was very happy when we finally pulled into our driveway because I was fed up with the kids by that point. Lucy and Dugan were very happy to see us, too.
Unfortunately, with the end of vacation, I received two pieces of bad news. My 37 year old cousin is in the hospital with liver and/or kidney failure. I don't know all the details, yet, and I'm anxious to find out more. She's so young. The other news has to do with a very close friend whose husband is just now being diagnosed with a potential terminal illness. I can't divulge too much on that one, yet, but I am very concerned for my friend and for her husband. He was widowed by his first wife and left with 3 children and now he is facing a very serious situation again. My friend and her family are going to need lots of support if this situation does turn out to be a grim one and I plan on being there for her every step of the way. Please pray for them.

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Praise the Lord the news came back good...NO Cancer!!