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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So Thankful

This morning, I took Jackie to sign up for soccer. She is so excited and so am I. This is one activity that has been highly recommended to help increase coordination and strength on her left side. Practice starts in a couple of weeks and her first game is in mid-August.
After signing Jackie up for soccer, we came home for lunch after which I gathered swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and life jackets. We took off to meet Tim at Carlyle Lake to go out on the boat for awhile. There is a nice little beach area and a very nice park adjacent to the boat launch. Tim took us out for a ride in the boat but Jackie was not too thrilled with how bumpy the ride was. So after about 30-45 minutes, Tim took us back to the beach area so the kids could play in the water. I kept the life jackets on the kids and I am so thankful that I did so.
At first, Ben was hesitant to go beyond where his feet could touch bottom, even with me holding him. The beach was very crowded and Ben could see the bigger kids going further out then he was. So, he started to get braver about going further into the water but I kept my hands on him while he tried to swim. At one point, Tim and Jackie both had me distracted at the same time with Tim trying to tell me something and Jackie yelling for me from the shore. As they say, it only takes a second to lose track of a child, especially around water. And I found that to be true today. After being distracted by Tim and Jackie, Tim asked where Ben was and then said, "there he is" just as I turned around to see Ben bobbing in the water. Around lots of other people who didn't even notice Ben bobbing around in the water in his life vest. Tim plucked Ben, who had swallowed some of the lake water, out of the water and I quickly made sure that Ben was okay. Whew! Thank goodness I had the life vest on Ben. I don't even want to think about the "what if". But it just shows how easy it is to get distracted when you have 3 needy persons in your life who seem to need you at the same exact moment.
Right after that happened, Tim decided that he wanted to head back to the launch area and load the boat back onto the trailer. He asked if I was going to stay at the beach area awhile longer to which I replied with a resounding "no". With Ben's high activity level and Jackie's constant neediness, there was just no way I was going to stay at the beach alone with two kids when the beach was so crowded as it was. It is much easier for me to keep track of my kids in much smaller crowds.
Talking about distraction reminded me of another incident today that makes me thankful for our safety. After the kids and I arrived at the lake, Tim met us with the boat at the beach area. I got the kids on the boat, got their life vests on, and then settled Jackie with her daddy and Ben in the seat with me. Tim had started the boat and while he left the motor idling in the no wake zone, Tim got distracted with trying to get Jackie seated in a better position where Jackie could "help" her daddy operate the boat. Well, while Tim is doing that, the boat starts to head toward another boat coming toward the shore. A boat that was towing a huge raft with a person on it. We were headed straight for them and were just a few feet away. I told Tim to please look up because we were ready to hit somebody. No response. Tim was distracted with Jackie. So, I yelled a little louder for Tim to steer the boat the other direction because we're getting ready to hit another boat. Then Tim yelled at me to not yell so loudly at him. Because he doesn't want to cause panic to other boaters. What?!! Okay, next time I guess I'm to just stay quiet and allow us to hit another boat. Then what? Plus, did he not notice that the people in the other boat noticed our close presence? I kept thinking about the "what if" with that situation, too.
Regardless of Tim's opinion of my so-called "yelling" at him, this is one that I am taking no blame for. Somebody in this household has to make sure to work at keeping us all alive. And guess who that may be? It's not he, though you might have already gathered that from reading previous posts. Ha!

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