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Monday, July 5, 2010

Seals, Seals, Seals, I love Seals

Today was spent going to La Jolla to see the tide pools and watch seals. Wow, I've never seen tide pools. The beach and scenery around it is absolutely beautiful. The tide pools seem to be popular with the kids. The kids could be seen looking for crabs and other life in the tide pools after the tide filled the pools. What an amazing sight!We walked a couple blocks over to what used to be the Children's Pool but it has pretty much been taken over by seals. I was thrilled to see these creatures in the wild. I walked down to the beach area and saw a couple of seals playing in the water near the shore. It was almost as if they were daring the public to come in the water to join them. They kept popping the heads out of the water then then would dive back down and slap their tails on the water. I was in heaven watching them. Then over to the side, there were lots of seals just basking in what little sun was peeking out. Every now and then, one would pop their head up or roll over. It was quite smelly, though, and the reason became quite clear after witnessing some seals emitting some... umm... not so pleasant sounds. After I snapped a few pictures and a couple of video clips, I stood there for awhile just watching the seals. I was tempted to tell Tim to just leave me there for awhile and go do something with the kids.After watching the seals on the beach for awhile, we made our way over to the walkway to get somewhat of an aerial view of the seals. On one side of the walkway was the ocean and the beach was on the other side. Seals could be seen on both sides. I tried to get pictures of the seals that were out in the surf but they were just too quick and kept diving. The waves were incredible, too. The walkway was quite crowded and it was narrow making it difficult to walk without having to weave through people. Plus, I was concerned about the railing as it was obviously not childproof. Jackie stayed close to me and I told Tim to PLEASE hang onto Ben. Ben is famous for climbing into and up on things. I just so happened to turn from the surf and look toward the beach area when I noticed Ben standing on the edge of the wall. On the other side of the railing! Oh my heart stopped and I screamed for Ben. It was just automatic and of course, people immediately started looking toward me. Embarrassed, I went over and grabbed Ben and started to take him off the walkway. Of course, Tim says Ben was fine. No, he was not fine, Mister! It takes just one little bump from somebody and Ben would have been a meal for a seal. And the rhyme was not intentional, I'm serious. Ben does not have any concept of danger. He loves the thrill, I guess. Gah! Ben definitely keeps me on my toes.
Well, after my screaming and rescuing my son episode, I whisked the kids off of the walkway and waited for Tim. After Tim met up with us, I then took off back to the walkway sans kids with strict orders to Tim to keep the kids away from the cliffs near the beach. I was able to watch the seals a short while longer without the worry of my children becoming seal meals.
Even though the sun still was not out fully and it was still mildly gloomy, it was still a beautiful day.
Later in the evening, I took another bike ride around Coronado. I just absolutely LOVE riding around this island. This is one of the things that makes me want vacation to last forever. It is so awesome here.

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