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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Garage Sale, Ugly Yard Contest, and Jackie Funny

This morning, my subdivision held a subdivision-wide garage sale. Whoever coordinated it this year sent out notices just last week. I was undecided if I was really going to participate even though I have a lot of stuff to get rid off. So last night, I got everything that I wanted to get rid of out of the basement and set up a couple of tables in the garage. After waking up this morning and getting the kids breakfast and then dressed, I opened up the garage door and people immediately started to stream in. One of the people brought me a toy that I had marked for $10 and asked if she could have it for $2.00. Now this was no ordinary toy. This was a sensory type of toy and a very expensive one. This particular item normally retails for between $60 and $80. No way was I going to let it go for $2.00. Especially since it was in excellent condition and clean. I mentioned this to this person and I also mentioned that I would rather sell it on consignment than let it go for $2.00. Then suddenly I was bombarded with more people. Apparently this previously mentioned lady took advantage of the situation and figured that I would not notice if she were to steal the toy. She stole the toy and I noticed it all right. Unfortunately, it was too late to catch up with the thief. It is a real shame when people have to stoop so low as to steal from a garage sale. A garage sale! Where you can get things for much, much less than a store in most cases! She doesn't have a conscious. That was evident since I had mentioned that my daughter needs hearing aids and the money I made today was going to help with that expense since our health plan does not cover hearing aids. We're looking at $2000-$4000. I just hope now that it ends up getting stolen from that thief.
It was so blazing hot by 10:00 that I closed up the garage before 11:00. I didn't do too bad for doing the sale for just about 2 1/2 hours. I made right around $100. I could have made more if it wasn't for the thief. I did get rid of a bunch of stuff and lots of offers from people to buy Tim's dirt bikes and motorcycle. And I was left with the gift of a Watchtower magazine by a Jehovah Witness. Thanks, but no thanks.
After I closed up the garage and ran a couple of errands, I came back home and started on cleaning the house and working in the basement. I wanted to do some work on the yard, too, but it was just too hot to do anything outside. I kept busy working inside.
After I got dinner done for the kids, I decided that I must do some work on the yard. It is starting to look really bad. It has not been mowed since we came home from vacation over 2 weeks ago. Tim has been gone on business all week and since taking the boat out before he left was much important than maintaining the lawn last weekend, the yard is looking quite bad. Embarrassingly bad. In fact, we're in the running for the ugliest yard of the community contest. It's so bad that the weeds, crabgrass, and other crap is growing right through and around the toys that I had stored under the deck before we left for our vacation over a month ago. We even have baby trees growing under our deck. After the kids finished eating dinner, I went out to the back yard to start trying to trim. Like I said, it's bad. So bad that the crabgrass has completely grown over the brick landing at the bottom of the deck stairs. I grabbed the clippers and started by trimming the tree branches that are growing over our deck. I tried to pull the crabgrass covering the brick landing. I cut the 3 ft tall grass and weeds under the deck. I hate bugs. And crickets. And both were quite bountiful. After about a half hour, I gave up and went inside. Tim is either going to have to prioritize better or he needs to let me hire somebody to maintain our lawn during the summer months. It is embarrassing to have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood. By the time I got inside, I was drenched in sweat, in fact, the sweat was even dripping right onto my eyeglasses. I rarely get that sweaty.
While I was outside trying to work on the yard, Jackie and Ben played on the trampoline. After a short time, Jackie stopped and asked since we were outside if she could just pee outside in the grass. What the &$%#? Now she has had to void outside just once when we in the middle of nowhere in Indiana and we pulled off the interstate because Jackie just could not hold it any longer. There were no bathrooms in sight for miles. It was not a fun experience. So I don't know why Jackie suddenly decided that it was okay for her to pee outside. Then I remembered. A couple of weeks ago, the kids were playing in the backyard while Tim and I put the trampoline together. I guess Ben had to go to the bathroom so Tim took Ben over to the tree and told him to go pee. I just giggled at the time. Well, it wasn't too funny when a couple of days later, Ben used my living room table as a tree trunk. Needless to say, I was not very happy with Tim's pee-on-a-tree lesson that he gave to Ben. Back to Jackie tonight, the answer was no. She tried to explain to me that she should be able to pee outside because it was outside and it would be good to pee on the grass and that the rain will wash it away. Answer was still no. It was kind of funny, though, how Jackie tried to justify why she should be allowed to pee outside.
After I got the kids bathed, I took care of a couple more tasks before getting a shower. While I was finishing up cleaning the kitchen, I felt something crawling up my side. Since I don't like bugs of any kind, I immediately grabbed my shirt and pulled it off. It was a lady bug. You may say harmless but I still say eww. I hate bugs of any kind including "harmless" lady bugs. I dropped everything for the moment and quickly got into the shower.
Boy, was I looking forward to my quiet time tonight after the kids went to bed. Mother Nature saw otherwise. A half hour after Ben went to bed, a major noisy storm came through with lightening so of course, Ben starts to cry and wants out of his room. Ughhh! There goes my much needed alone time tonight. I just continued to clean some more. After I brought my laundry from downstairs, I noticed Jackie had fallen asleep on the sofa. With her toothbrush in her hand as if she had fallen asleep mid-teethbrushing. With toothpaste still around her mouth. Poor thing. So, I walked her to bed. Then it was Ben's turn to get back into bed.
Today was a little trying with the kids' fighting and screaming. I am looking forward to Tim's return on Monday so I can go on vacation. By myself. Before Tim leaves for yet another 2-week trip. Oh, did I yet say that I'm looking forward to Jackie's first day of school?
I really do love my kids. Really, I do.

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