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Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP Norman

Norman was a spectacular little dog. He was a Jack Russell terrier and what a cutie he was. I just met Norman last week in Blythe at Uncle Ron's and Aunt Glen's farm. Norman was given up by a previous owner after that owner's husband died. Norman was actually taken to a local vet there for euthanasia or adoption to another family, perhaps because this previous owner didn't want any memories of her deceased husband for whatever reason. Norman was subsequently adopted by Ron and Glen just about a month ago.
Norman quickly won over Uncle Ron's heart and made himself at home right away. He was full of character. I was able to witness Norman after he hunted down a gopher. He was so proud of that prize. Norman kept circling around that gopher and occasionally he would pick it up, perhaps to check how dead it was. Norman followed Uncle Ron everywhere. He really seemed to enjoy living it up on the farm. He also loved to roll in mud and required baths often before he was allowed back inside the house. Inside the house, Norman had the best manners. My dogs could have used a few lessons from Norman about appropriate indoor behavior.
Norman was also very entertaining. He barked at his own shadows. And every time Norman barked at his shadow, the shadow moved and Norman would move in that direction and bark again. It was hysterical to watch.
Norman was also good with the kids. I'm not sure if he was raised around kids but I got the impression that he was not. Even so, Norman was awesome with Jackie and Ben.
Norman was also a very smart dog. Within a couple of days of being adopted (at age 8 1/2) by Ron and Glen, Norman learned his boundaries in the house. And he stayed within those boundaries. Now that is impressive.
I am so glad that I snapped a picture of Norman on the morning of our family's departure from Blythe. I don't know if Uncle Ron was able to get any pictures during the short time that Norman was at the farm. Everything that I described above made me fall in love with Norman. I thought Norman was such a lucky dog to have won the hearts of Uncle Ron and Aunt Glen and thus to live a good life on the farm.
Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Norman perished from a tragic farm accident. I was devastated to hear the news from a younger cousin who was there to witness it. I shed many tears tonight for this wonderful little dog, Norman. He will always be remembered by me.
Norman, even though it was just a few days ago, I am so glad that I had the privilege to meet you. Rest in peace now.

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