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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pets, Let's Take Care of Them

This morning as I drove through St. Louis to take my friend to the airport, we witnessed a very disturbing scene. We noticed 2 cop cars, with lights flashing, on the side of the interstate and as we approached closer, Lisa and I both glanced over and noticed that instead of a car being pulled over, there was a dog who was frantically pawing at his canine partner, who had apparently been hit and killed by a car. The deceased dog was lying by the side of the highway. It was quite obvious that the live dog was desperate for his partner to get up. Very traumatic. Both Lisa and I were very disturbed and upset about this.
Most of my friends know that I am a huge fan of dogs. And animals, in general. My friends also know that I am also an advocate for kids, special needs, and seniors. I especially have a heart for kids with special needs and our senior folks. I just wanted to make that clear so people won't assume that I am putting animal rights ahead of human rights.
Our pets count on us humans to take proper care of them, to provide for their needs, to provide a safe environment. It really pains me when I see people driving on a highway with a loose dog in the bed of their truck. Does the driver not realize the danger in that? Or do they not care? It also pains me when people let their pets run loose and expect that pet to not wander off. Dogs are curious creatures, just as are kids, and most of them have a propensity to explore, especially those dogs who mostly operate with their noses (Beagles are notorious!). People never cease to amaze me when it comes to animals. It's as if pets are just chattel, and disposable if it doesn't fit whatever mode. That really pains me. Pets to me, are NOT chattel; they are part of the family.
It really irritates me when people buy these cute little furballs just because they are just so cute and cuddly. People need to realize that these cute little furballs will grow up, they will chew, they will have accidents in the house until trained properly, they will get into stuff, they will plain irritate just like other family members. Pets are NOT disposable. I could go on but I'll just get off my soapbox now before I go further.
My wish is that people would at least provide a safe environment for their pets and if they no longer want said pets, then the owners should take the pet to a shelter where the poor animal will not meet their demise on the highway after being hit by vehicles. This morning's scene was just so traumatic and I can't get it out of my mind.

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