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Friday, July 30, 2010

Personal Training

I had another personal training session this morning with Misti.  Today I was scheduled to train alongside a wonderful new friend.  It was great to have somebody to commiserate with. 
Anyway, I got to the Y and met up with Shelly and we walked around the track a few times to warm up before Misti joined us.  Even though I am NOT a morning person, I was ready to work.  Until I saw all the stuff that Misti wanted us to do.  Okay, so I got through the 3 sets of jump-roping (100x), obliques, steps (40x), and some other stuff.  Okay, so not too bad other than the fact that I kept smacking myself in the head with that darn jump-rope.  After those sets, we started on the arms.  It was hard work but I got through it.  After Misti had us run our final laps around the track, I saw the clock and thought that time passed very quickly.  Like they say, "time flies when you're having fun."  I thought it was time to go and I followed Misti and Shelly downstairs. 
Little did I know what was in store for me.  I was all ready to say goodbye to Shelly (and Misti) when I somehow realized that I must have been blind when I looked at the clock upstairs.  We still had 20 minutes left of our session.  Twenty minutes! 
Of course, being the seasoned trainee that Shelly is, she proceeded to show off her skills on this ridiculous machine.  I don't even know how to describe other than that it is an impossible machine.  But Shelly made it look easy.  So I watch Shelly on the beast of a machine and think "okay, this is a piece of cake."  Heheh,
So it's my turn and I climb up on this thing and get my arms and knees situated on this beast machine and Misti lets go. Whoa, I flew down.  Embarrassing!  So, I get situated back into position and start to proceed.  I got the first one done and it was quite easy. So I made the mistake of telling Misti that I thought that I needed a little more weight.  She adds more weight and I was able to do 2 more before I realized that I should have kept my mouth shut about the additional weight.  I. could. not. lift. My arms were giving out.  Oohhh, I was in pain.  So, with Misti's gracious (sarcasm inserted here) help, I made it through the set of 15.  Then I had to climb off and face backward on this dumb beast machine and get into this position (that I won't even describe) and push the bench down without losing my balance.  Well, that was an embarrassing fail, too, but Misti helped me get through it.  Next up was this other tricep machine.  Not so bad, in fact it was a nice change from the aforementioned nightmare set.  Then push-ups were next.  I got those done and Misti promptly (or gently?) told me to do another set of these last three exercises.  Oh noooooooo, not the beast again?  I pulled up my big girl panties and stepped up to the plate determined that I was going to conquer this beast machine.  Big fail.  Again. But Misti was not letting me off and as hard as I tried to get through this particular machine, I just could not seem to get the strength.  My eyes actually started feeling hot with tears.  Since starting this personal training program, I have had to slow my pace at times but I've never felt like giving up.  I've been determined to get into shape.  But this freakin' beast machine nearly brought me to the breaking point.  Thankfully, Misti must have seen it and helped me finish.  Even Shelly and some other strangers tried to encourage me through it.  Or maybe I was just imagining things.  Oh, I don't know and I don't care.  All I remember at that point was that I wanted to run out of there and hide because I don't like attention being drawn to me.  And all eyes in the gym were definitely on me.  But, I made my way over to the other machine and did a decent set there and then finished my push-ups.  I've never been so glad to be done with a session.  Today was a killer session for sure.  However, I am not giving up and I WILL conquer that dumb beast machine... one day. 
Shelly warned me that my arms may be plastered to my sides due to the exercises we did.  My arms did feel like jello as a I drove home but I couldn't dwell on that as I had too much work to do at home.
I made it home and immediately got to work helping Jackie clean her room.  I also dismantled Ben's toddler bed and set up his big bed.  I got some other housework done before taking a break to make some phone calls.  Then it was Zumba time later in the afternoon.

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