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Friday, July 2, 2010

On the Boat in San Diego

Yesterday was a beautiful day for boating in San Diego. Tim's cousins, David and Clinton, arrived from Blythe and David brought his boat. This was an impromptu boat ride for us but we quickly gathered the necessary items and took off for the boat ramp. The kids were awesome. This was Ben's first real boat ride and he loved it. Jackie was excited to hold a fishing pole but she was not too pleased when she realized that the fish we were catching were not going back into the water. They were meant for the dinner table later. Haha. I think Jackie is over her trauma today because I have yet to hear anything this morning about the nice fish being eaten.It was so beautiful out in the bay. We witnessed one of the carriers from North Island going out to sea. It was so huge and awesome. We also saw lots of sailboats. Two pelicans kept following us every time we moved to a new location. Unfortunately for them, they never got the free handout they were hoping for. Haha. We spent 4 hours on the bay before we headed back to shore. It was so beautiful. All the more reason to live here in this paradise.On the running front, my knee is still hurting and is quite swollen. As much as I'm trying to rest it without walking too much, the pain continues. I had been taking Aleve but I think it started upsetting my stomach so yesterday, I switched to Ibuprofen. I'm afraid that my first 5k is out of the question tomorrow. I didn't think I would be this bummed about it but I am definitely quite disappointed. Even walking it is out of the question.

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