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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coach Samantha

Yep, I'm a soccer coach now. A couple of weeks ago, I signed Jackie up for Upward Soccer. On one of the forms, there was a short questionnaire. One of the questions asked if parent would be willing to help out with coaching responsibilities. I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I was just trying to be nice. I answered "yes" thinking that the chances were slim that I would be needed. I was very confident that I would not receive a call for help and I was absolutely fine with that.
Well, on the way to my personal training session today, I got a call from the person in charge asking if I would be willing to coach my daughter's team. Oh boy! Dang, why did I answer the phone? And how could I turn him down? They were in need. So of course, I said yes but explained that I have not played soccer in years and that I would rather be an assistant. "No problem" he said and explained that another dad had offered to help coach. So now I am an assistant coach. Yep, Coach Samantha. How cool is that? Not! I'm going to try to be excited about it, though.
So, after my training session, I went over to the church where the practices and games will be held and I picked up my coach's manual with DVD with the promise that I would also receive a Powerpoint via email. Oh, joy!
I also will have to call the parents to introduce myself and coordinate snack and drink schedule. I don't have a problem with scheduling as I like to do organizational stuff like that. But, I have to call strangers on the phone. I get really nervous when I have to talk to new people.
Coach Samantha, heheheh. That just sounds funny. I never envisioned myself to be a coach of any kind. I can see all my friends laughing at me now. Go ahead because I'm laughing, too.

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