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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Exhibitionist

This morning, around 10:30, my doorbell rang. At the time, I was in the process of getting some play clothes on Ben. Since Jackie spent the night with her friend next door, I figured that it was just Jackie and the neighbor. So I told Ben to go in his room and wait for me while I let Jackie in. Once I opened the door, I realized immediately that it was not Jackie. It was 2 neighborhood girls looking to play with Jackie. I stepped outside to let these girls know that Jackie was next door and that they could come back another time and perhaps even play on the trampoline. I noticed that they didn't really look at me and they were sort of scrunching their noses but I really didn't give it any thought. Until...
When I turned to go inside and close the door, I saw Ben standing... in front of the glass door... butt naked. Oh my! I wonder what those little girls are going to tell their mommies. I know for a fact that one of them has 2 sisters, no brothers and who knows what she has seen in regard to male anatomy. All I could do was just laugh hysterically. Boys!

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Anonymous said...

Ben,Ben,Ben...he is always up to SOMEthing!!