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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Much More Can This Family Suffer?

Over a month ago, I wrote about the tragic shooting deaths of 2 cops back home in Tampa. One of the officers had 4 young sons and the other office was expecting his first child any day. The latest news is that this baby was stillborn this morning. Even though I don't personally know these families, my heart is very heavy. It turns out that Jeffrey Kocab and his wife, Sara, knew that there was a strong possibility that their precious baby may not survive birth due to a major abnormality. Sara's husband lost his life in a senseless killing and now she has lost her child due to a deadly diagnosis. What kind of god allows this to happen? Sara is left husband-less and now childless. If God truly is real, how could he allow this double tragedy? I often hear that God knows everything that is ever going to happen before it even happens. If that is the case, then why could he not spare this grieving widow at least one member of her own family? If God knew that Sara's husband was going to be killed one day, then why did he allow the baby to be formed with a major birth defect that would take her life? Or vice versa? Why? I just don't understand this so-called god these days.
Before I became a mother to my own children, I always thought stories about children dying were really sad and I felt bad for the parents. But now that I am a mom, these stories really affect me deeply. I just cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Or a spouse. I feel pain sometimes for what my daughter goes through but I am so grateful that she is relatively healthy and she's thriving. I just cannot imagine my children being taken from me in any way. I'm so thankful that my precious daughter survived the chorionic hemorrhage after being told that I had a 50% chance of losing her during the pregnancy. I had already lost her twin due to the hemorrhage. This latest story just really makes my heart feel heavy but yet, it reminds me that I should never take my children for granted. They are both the best gifts that I have ever received in life.

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