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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heading to Blythe

Today is the day we headed to Blythe. Tim took the little rental car back to Budget and picked up our rental for the cross country drive, no thanks to Amtrak. But, here we are in Blythe for the night before we head for home tomorrow.The drive to Blythe from Coronado was very interesting. I didn't realize how close to the border that Uncle Ron's farm is to Arizona. Just three miles. We went from a June Gloom environment in Coronado to hot, hot, hot Blythe in just 3 1/2 hours. But as hot as it was (over 100 degrees) when we arrived, it was quite bearable, perhaps because the humidity was so low. The kids and I got to meet Uncle Ron's new baby horse. He was so cute and came right up to me for me to pet him. Jackie and Ben were fine just observing the horses from a distance. Then we drove around the farm.Uncle Ron has a very cute Jack Russell terrier who he adopted just about a month ago. He is a rescue and is over 8 years old. His name is Norman. Funny, but cool, name for a dog. Well, Norman is quite the hunter. We had the opportunity to witness his hunting skills as Norman snagged a gopher out of it's hole. Norman was so proud of his prize catch. After circling it for awhile and occasionally picking it up, Uncle Ron decided it was finally dead enough to dispose of the carcass. Norman is cute, smart, and he is quite humorous. He barks at his shadow. It was funny because every time Norman moved, his shadow would move and Norman would back in that direction. It was a funny scene.After dinner, Tim, Clinton, and I went riding the the 4-wheelers. I drove the Polaris quad. We rode down to the Colorado river and rode around the banks and inland. It was very dusty and the boys literally left me in the dust. I would hang back often because the dust from the other 4-wheelers was so thick that I could barely see and it was getting into my eyes and mouth. Then when the dust would finally clear, I would try to catch up but Tim would race ahead of me again. I was getting a little annoyed by that but he later explained that he was trying to stay out of the dust because he didn't even have sunglasses on. I, at least, had my sunglasses on but they weren't much help. As much fun as I had, though, by the time we got back to the house, I was ready. And the dust, whew, it was thick. I'm sure Tim was proud. It took me twice as long in the shower to scrub all the dust off my skin and out of my hair.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Grand Canyon. Tim has never been. I was there in 1984 and I remember that it was a breathtaking sight.

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